Column: Laylow immerses French rap in a film with his new cinematographic album

So of course, perhaps too much involved in style exercises, this short film struggles to be tamed. But it translates one thing: the perfectionism of its protagonist and the global vision of its discography. Shot in 2020, he actually gave a direction to this new album, was the source of the key elements that compose it. The Curious Story of Mr. Anderson, musically, is an additional slap to the assets of Laylow which translates his determination, this red thread stretched in the middle of a sonorous mess. There is this inner voice that haunts the interludes, the rapper’s alter-ego who tells him where to go, talks about “us” and confronts his host with the consequences of his choices. Impossible then not to think ofFight Club and Tyler Durden, this character hallucinated by the narrator and who constantly oscillates between good and evil.

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Since it is in fact a kind of prequel, it is far from the bionic and retrofuturistic aesthetic that made the commercial success and esteem of the previous album, Trinity, released in February 2020. As with Tim Burton, it is in fact a kind of dark tale, a complex journey towards the artistic maturity of Laylow, towards what gave the music that we know him since. now six years (although his first projects are earlier). He seeks to transform sound into image, via interludes, of course, but also by very skillfully inviting sounds that evoke the horror films of the 1990s, like this harp at the beginning of the title “Lost Forest”, or this out of tune piano. spawned by Sofiane Pamart on “Iverson”. With, on the latter, a feeling of revenge towards those who did not believe in him: ” Don’t worry next year I’ll be king / The important thing is to believe in it / Call me for the big sounds / Call me no longer for the love songs “.

But too much of a concept could kill the concept. The many interludes should not hide the essential: The Curious Story of Mr. Anderson, or rather LEHDMA as many of his fans have already abbreviated, is a musical bastos. It is especially in the featurings that the heaviness is heavier and reminds the instinctive and posh side of Laylow. Admittedly, the choice of the guests may seem a little easy. But what are these considerations regarding the finished product of his collaboration with Damso on the martial “R9R-LINE”, or that, enjoyable, with Hamza on “Window Shopper Pt. 2”. The latter betrays the undeniable attraction of Laylow for synthesizers and eighties electronic rhythms, like those he overlooked last year on the track “Experience”. by Cerrone. And if the English rapper Slowthai seems to be only a shadow of himself (like his latest album, TYRON), well settled down for the brat he is on “Fallen Angels”, Alpha Wann and Wit reach new heights on the already released single “Stuntmen”. Long-time colleagues who are obviously not close to stopping such a creative alchemy.

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