DRC: “Adjani”, the film which questions African traditions, customs and traditions

Directed by Julio Lolo Bibas and produced by Nancy Adjani who is also its main actress, the film was broadcast for the first time on July 15, at Ciné Kin and Ciné Buzz cinemas in Kinshasa. “Adjani is essentially inspired by the weight of African customs and prohibitions on the daily life of families.

Nancy had posted a photo of her on her social networks which inspired me a lot. I left her a message to suggest that she write a film in which she will be the main character. She agreed to be the actress and also volunteered to produce this movie,»Explains Julio Lolo Bibas, director of the film.

The shooting took about a year, between Kinshasa and Moanda at Kongo Central. From the beginning to the end of the film, Adjani who goes through the many cycles of his life, love disappointments, a failed marriage, a suicide, the loss of his biological father and finally a happy marriage, does not visibly change his hairstyle, braids.

For Julio Lolo Bibas, through this film, it was necessary to give scope to African traditions.

“It’s a purely Congolese story. We fought to promote Africa, its identity, its culture. I guess we should all know our traditions and be able to respect them. We currently find ourselves in certain situations which send us back to our origins. It would be necessary to question our ancestors, to know the prohibitions, the habits and customs of our tribes. This hair is a reference for Africa, our Afro hair, our villages, our ancestors. ”

The story of the film has nothing to my personal life

Nancy Adjani Ngelekwa is a cultural animator, formerly of the National Institution of the Arts. In 2009, she joined the Collywood group. But later, in her career, she finds herself having to break with the cinema to work in another sector. For four years she will be an office manager in a five-star hotel, but she will end up resigning from her post to resume her profession in 2020. ” It was a little crazy, but I felt it inside me. I love the cinema, I had to go back », She confides to the Woman Desk.

The last screening took place at 9:00 p.m. The actress is delighted, “ I am very happy with these projections. People discovered me last year through the film Jeu mundele (…) and Adjani only confirms the talent I have in me. I produced this film with all my heart. The story has nothing to do with my personal life. I just played the main role “.

Nancy Adjani takes the opportunity to deplore the fact that the film industry could bring enormous benefits to the DRC. She deplores the fact that it is not supported and promoted by the government.

However, she also notes that the industry is growing, “ Cinema in Congo is still a ghetto. It is very difficult to see a producer invest in making feature films available to the public. There is also the problem of valuing our profession. But, we have decided to work, even without external support, we will perform, while waiting for everything to happen “.

In addition, the two filmmakers also pleaded for the respect and protection of copyright.

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