Cannes 2021: the Un Certain Regard Prize awarded to Loose Fists, film with a real point of view

Cannes 2021: the Un Certain Regard Prize awarded to Loose Fists, film with a real point of view

As the 2021 Cannes Film Festival is about to end, and rumors are rife as to which film will win the Palme d’Or (our predictions here), the Un certain regard Prize was awarded to a winner who deserved it.

This year at the Cannes Film Festival, withinIn some perspective, a parallel section refocused in 2021 on young international cinema, twenty films were on the bill. This year’s jury, chaired by British director Andrea Arnold – who also presented her documentary Cow at the Festival – and also counting in its ranks Michael Covino, Daniel Burman, Elsa Zylberstein and Mounia Meddour, chose precisely to distinguish by the Prize of the section the film Loose Fists, which is distinguished not by its setting or its subject, but more by its choice of staging and its atmosphere. Chronicle the life of a Russian family with tired members, and a possessive father, in a remote and deindustrialized Russian city, between mountains and concrete, he clings to the faces, and to the conflicts taking place in this sibling, without revealing them all. right now.

The director Kira kovalenko Right from the start, in front of the viewer, there are blocks of feelings and emotions – in which darkness and light come together – and then leaves the audience all the time to delve into them to find a way. With at the center of the story among others, a young girl forced to undergo “biological operations” in a hospital, defended by her brother who left for a big city to find another horizon but finally returned, against the famous father, perhaps ill …

We are also delighted with the Ensemble Prize awarded to Good mother, very beautiful new feature film directed by Hafsia Herzi, and supported by a perfect technique and a troop of actors all formidable, led by Halima benhamed, wonderful mother from a poor background doing everything to ensure the best present for all her family, including her son awaiting trial. As well as the Audacity Prize received by the very mastered Civilian, which you can read our review here.

If we have tasted less Die Grosse Freiheit, finally winner of a Jury Prize, we were quite dazzled by Noche de fuego, which paints the daily life between dreams and problems of reality of three very young girls in present-day South America, delivers striking and almost fantastic realistic images, and leaves this year with a Special Mention. And if we would have likedOnoda has an award, the art of fantasy cinema is not to be outdone in 2021, as Lamb, which will be distributed in French theaters by The Jokers and imagines the birth of a new species within a flock of Icelandic sheep, leaves with an Originality Prize. An originality that we would like to find again next year, in the section A certain look refocused on the points of view of young filmmakers, which will run its programming in a Cannes 2022 that we hope will be animated.


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