Netflix: 3 excellent and very different movies that we recommend this weekend

Netflix: 3 excellent and very different movies that we recommend this weekend

The endless weekend question comes up every week: what am I going to be able to watch tonight? Lucky for you, Netflix’s catalog is full of great movies to dive into.

As usual, the CNET editorial staff are here to help you find what you need. This week, three heterogeneous feature films are on the program: Chicago, Monsieur Hulot’s Holidays and Shame.

What great movies to watch on Netflix this weekend?

A catchy musical: Chicago

The film in summary

AT Chicago in the 1920s, young Roxie Hart is accused of the murder of her lover and sent to prison. There she meets Velma Kelly, a jazz singer convicted of having killed her companion and his sister with whom he slept. The two women will then join forces to try to escape the death penalty.

CNET editorial review

Based on the 1975 musical of the same name, Chicago is a film adaptation by director Rob Marshall (Mary Poppins Returns, Nine). Since its release in 2009, the film has quickly become a classic of the genre.

Chicago takes us to the 1920s during the jazz era. Two quite different firsthand women – a housewife and a singer – live together in prison for a similar crime: having killed their companion.

As they risk the death penalty, they will do everything to stay alive and become famous. Our two protagonists are played by Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones who follow the performances by dancing and singing brilliantly.

Because yes, Chicago is a musical and even a very good representative of the genre: the costumes, the sets, the choreographies and the songs are for the most part very successful. Some numbers like Cell Block Tango are even particularly impressive.

Amateurs and nostalgic of this genre will find their account here: Chicago is a successful film that fills the viewer with joy, like any good musical.

  • Here is an excerpt from this good musical:

An old French classic: The Holidays of Monsieur Hulot

The film in summary

At the wheel of his old Salmson car, Mr. Hulot arrives in a seaside resort on the Atlantic coast for the holidays. Throughout his stay, he will accumulate blunders and disturb the peace of other vacationers.

CNET editorial review

Starting Monsieur Hulot’s Holidays, some explanations appear on the screen. This second film by legendary director Jacques Tati has a rather interesting story: released on February 27, 1953, it was then reassembled, lengthened, modified by its director for the first time in 1962 and then in 1978.

The latest version of Monsieur Hulot’s Holidays was restored in 2009 while keeping all its rich sound and the original texture of its images. It is this film that can be found on Netflix, which continues its efforts to present French classics on its platform.

And what could be more classic than Monsieur Hulot’s Holidays ? We follow the adventures of a single Parisian who has his head a little in the air and makes mistakes, disturbing the daily lives of all those around him.

Tati’s film is funny, full of situational comedy: Monsieur Hulot opens the door of a hotel and gusts of wind disturb customers, his foot gets caught in the hanse of a horse, his boat bends in two , takes the form of a shark and scares holidaymakers …

Yes Monsieur Hulot’s Holidays does not necessarily have a very sought-after scenario, the film shines by creating a special atmosphere and stringing together nice gags. A true French classic that we highly recommend.

  • Check out this Jacques Tati classic:

An excellent drama: Shame

The film in summary

Brandon, a 30-something New Yorker, suffers from a sex addiction. When his sister unexpectedly arrives in town and moves in with him, he finds it harder and harder to hide his problems.

CNET editorial review

Steve McQueen’s second film, Shame is like his first feature film Hunger a real tour de force. This time, the British director plunges us into the not really ordinary life of a handsome thirty-something.

The film opens with the hero, Brandon, alone in his bed, a sheet barely covering his private parts. Brandon has a beautiful apartment with a breathtaking view of New York, an important job and above all, a sex addiction. In an attempt to control his impulses, he runs through the streets of Manhattan, but we can’t say that it really pays off.

In Shame, Steve McQueen paints an intimate portrait of this man, his addiction and the loneliness that results from it. He collaborates once again with Michael Fassbender who is simply breathtaking with a game as sober as it is chilling. The always brilliant Carey Mulligan goes perfectly with it.

Shame is a provocative, dark and also deeply disturbing film. Steve McQueen is always at the top of his game and masters his camera like never before. Normally, this film should not leave you indifferent.

  • Here is the trailer for this drama:

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