The Mons International Film Festival ends on a very positive note: “The context has enabled us to further improve our organization”

This Friday evening, after a week of discoveries, sharing and emotions, the curtain fell on the 36th edition of the Mons International Film Festival. Initially scheduled for March, the latter had initially been postponed to May, before the health context again came to play the parting troubles, forcing the organizers to review their copy once again.

July was finally the right one, to the great pleasure of the public and moviegoers, happy to rediscover the atmosphere of dark rooms. “The general results of the festival are very positive. The very fact of having been able to organize it is already a victory, many festival organizers could not afford it “, underlines Maxime Dieu, managing director of the FIFM.

By the time the final point was set, the faces were radiant. “Our partners were delighted, our guests were full of praise. Our president of the jury, Georges Corraface, is a citizen of the world, he traveled everywhere but when he left, he underlined the fact that our festival was really unique.”

A compliment that could not have made the festival teams more happy. “This is exactly what we want, to be unlike any other, to offer a festival that is perhaps a little less formatted than elsewhere. Mons deserves an ambitious film festival, consistent and recognized at European level but which remains on a human scale. “

The obstacles were however sizeable, this year, to meet the expectations of a public who may be cautious about the idea of ​​returning to theaters. “This was our greatest concern when the decision was made to postpone the event until July. Would the public respond to the invitation? We were also in the unknown in terms of the capacities that would be authorized. “

In the end, the evening sessions were almost always full. “We enjoyed a great audience, including during the day. The opening and closing evenings were also very popular. We even had to refuse some requests to meet our maximum capacities. “

Maxime Dieu is therefore a happy man, the day after the closing. “Things weren’t easy, we weren’t always sure of achieving it, but it was an experience that taught us a lot and from which we can learn. I think these very strict conditions allowed us to further improve our organizational skills. It was in a way a new test, in an organization which is already well established. “

Of course, it remains to be hoped that next year, the festival will be able to take place in a much more favorable health context… And at the Plaza Art. “For three years, there has been a certain imbalance because we have been centered on the Van der Valk-Imagix axis. We will be happy to be able to find the city center of Mons, to enjoy this brand new cinema.” The public has proven that cinema is essential, so no doubt they will be there in 2022.

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