the prize for the staging goes to the French Leos Carax

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8:47 p.m. : Definitely, still a tie in this 2021 list! The Grand Prix of the 74th edition of Cannes film festival is attributed to two films: A hero, by Asghar Farhadi and Compartment n ° 6, by Juho Kuosmanen.

8:45 p.m. : And meanwhile, Thomas Pesquet sends a hello to Cannes on Twitter from the International Space Station. Not sure though that we can see much from up there …

8:40 p.m. : And a first cocorico, one! The Best Director Award goes to the French director Leos Carax for Annette. This is his first prize at Cannes.


8:33 p.m. : The Screenplay Prize goes to the Japanese Ryusuke Hamaguchi and Takamasa Oe For the movie Drive my car, which caused a sensation during this 74th edition.


8:24 p.m. : No jealousy, the Jury Prize is this year awarded to two films: The Ahed’s knee by Franco-Israeli Nadav Lapid, and Memoria, by Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. The latter has his napkin ring in Cannes, slips me our special correspondent Anthony Jammot.

8:20 p.m. : A bit screwed up this ceremony, isn’t it?

8:18 p.m. : Cannes … he drank Spike Lee?

8:18 p.m. : But how funny this Cannes festival ceremony is. But no I’m kidding. It’s a nameless nullity

8:18 p.m. : Never seen such a messy Cannes ceremony. A president whose only significant point is his colorful suit. For the rest … zero across the board.

8:31 p.m. : From reading your comments, I understand that I am not the only one to be like saying … puzzled by the closing ceremony. I feel like I heard Spike Lee whisper the Palme d’Or. But, out of respect for those who want to be surprised, I’m not telling you what I heard 🙂

8:09 p.m. : At the moment, the president of the jury Spike Lee almost made a mess in the organization of the ceremony. Not understanding what precisely he was being asked to say and do, he was on the verge of giving away … the Palme d’Or! Fortunately, the bilingual Tahar Rahim made up for it.

7:53 p.m. : A Pfirst award in this Cannes 2021: the Palme d’Or for best short film goes to Chinese director Yi Tang for All the crows in the world.

7:51 p.m. : A first clue for the Palme d’Or: our journalist Anthony Jammot lists the film teams we have asked to stick around.

7:47 p.m. : Yes the end of beans! As they say in the countryside. Good live glitter Raphaël Godet!

7:45 p.m. : Everyone is mounted, everyone is seated. Doria Tillier, mistress of ceremony of this 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, is on the stage. She begins a monologue on the notion of “end” and just mentioned the sorrows, the co-ownership meetings, the confinement and the beans (?).

19:39 : Before the jury returns its copy, small festival (you have it) of sequins, colors, improbable dresses, improbable hairstyles … Our live is here.


7:31 p.m. : Noticeable arrival of Hubert Bonisseur of La Bath … sorry … of Jean Dujardin at the foot of the steps of the Palais des Festivals. The French actor, who is there to present the third part of OSS 117, got behind the wheel of THE famous car from the film. By the way, you will have recognized Pierre Niney (who also plays in it) and Nicolas Bedos (the director).

7:08 p.m. : Not very talkative, Tahar Rahim, when climbing the stairs. The actor, who is also a member of the jury, simply let go at the microphone of Canal + that the deliberations had been fairly fluid “. It’s already that. Follow our live.

7:34 p.m. : We are now one hour from the start of the closing ceremony of the 74th Cannes Film Festival. The last climb of the red carpet continues: I recognized the actresses Sharon Stone, Marion Cotillard, the actor Vincent Lindon, the composer Ron Mael, and the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot … Here are the glitter.


6:13 p.m. : At least an hour before the start of the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. We asked our special correspondent Jacky Bornet to comply with the game of predictions.

4:02 p.m. : Our colleagues from France Bleu Azur asked a clairvoyant about his predictions for the winners of the Cannes Film Festival. According to him, the film by Leos Carax Annette will win the Palme d’Or while Olympics by Jacques Audiard will receive the jury prize. Sophie Marceau holds the rope for the female interpretation prize.

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