Emmanuel Macron soon in the cinema: the President of the Republic in the casting of Bruno Dumont’s next film

There was a lot of talk about Emmanuel Macron during the 74th edition of the Cannes film festival. In addition to the controversy born after the words of actor Pio Marmaï, the President of the Republic made a surprise appearance in the eleventh feature film by Bruno Dumont, France. An exceptional presence on which the director returned in the columns of TV-Leisure.

Who would’ve believed that. Before joining the Rothschild investment bank and then considering a political career, Emmanuel Macron saw himself well on the stage or on film sets. It was his current wife who introduced him to the art of comedy more than twenty years ago, when the latter was fifteen and was his French teacher. Archive images of the documentary Emmanuel Macron, the meteor strategy thus unveil the Head of State in full representation during his schooling at the Jesuit high school of La Providence on May 17, 1993: ” I had put on a play by Tardieu, La Comédie du langue, with little sketches. He was playing a scarecrow and I thought he was amazing on stage. What a presence! »Explains Brigitte Macron, already under the spell of her young protégé.

And that’s not all ! In his work Emmanuel Macron, the banker who wanted to be king, François-Xavier Bourmaud tells how the apprentice actor also tried to find a place in the world of cinema: “ He enrolled in the free class of Cours Florent and even passed castings, including one for a film with Jean-Pierre Marielle. But it is not taken “. It was therefore close to … Today, the Head of State consoles himself by playing in pieces presented in his lair at the Elysee.

A great first

But Emmanuel Macron finally managed to slip into a work of fiction. It appears in fact in a sequence of France, the eleventh feature film by Bruno Dumont in which Léa Seydoux plays a journalist ready to do anything to gain ratings, and in particular to jostle the President of the Republic during a question-and-answer game at the Elysee Palace. In the columns of TV-Leisure, Bruno Dumont thus unveils behind the scenes of the presence of the Head of State: ” We called him, we gave him 20,000 euros cachet. By the day, that’s the price! He is a very good actor, he plays the President of the Republic well! No just kidding, all this is cinema. If the filmmakers start telling you how they do it … »Quips the director first of all. ” You know it’s total hoax. I won’t tell you anything, but you have the right to ask me the question. After that, it’s not because a journalist asks a question that I have to answer. But I hope he sees the movie, it’ll make him laugh I think “. Because Emmanuel Macron was indeed not ” Actually »Present during the filming since he was on an official trip to China accompanied by Guillaume Canet. Maybe it will soon be the subject of a biopic, who knows?

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