Vikings: the actress of Lagertha to the poster of a new action film!

Good news for Katheryn Winnick fans! The Lagertha actress in Vikings is back on our screens with the movie Flag Day!

Shock on the Web! The actress who played Lagertha in Vikings, Katheryn Winnick is previewing a new action movie “Flag Day” !

Vikings: Lagertha’s actress back on our screens

The character of Lagertha in Vikings was played by thea Canadian star Katheryn Winnick ! For the occasion, she thus took on the role of grand squire, a wife and a mother. Just that then …

Katheryn Winnick, who although known around the world for her role in Vikings has had other roles! Whether it is both on the small screen and in large movie theaters.

The pretty blonde has also played in films such as “Failure to Launch” with Matthew McConaughey. But also in “Amusement”, “Love & Other Drugs” or even “Killers”, etc.

Unsurprisingly, the star did more proof to do ! But one of the series that made it clear to us that women are not the weaker sex is undoubtedly Vikings!

And for good reason … Many of them are became great warriors and squires.

Remember! Lagertha has also been on several occasions a key element in development of the plot of the cult series.

Although there are several who stand out for their ferocity, their courage and their great fighting techniques, there is one that stands out. Unsurprisingly, this character is undoubtedly widely recognized both for his character and for the role he played in the six seasons of the series.

Without a doubt, we are talking about Lagertha ! His many roles in the show? the grand squire and first wife of Ragnar Lodbrok as well as the mother of Björn and a prominent Jarl.

Vikings: the actress of Lagertha to the poster of a new action film!
Vikings: the actress of Lagertha to the poster of a new action film!

Flag Day: what we already know about the film

From black belt to squire! Did you know that Katheryn Winnick is martial arts teacher ?

Indeed, she has been able to defend herself from a very young age thanks to the courses she has taken. Besides, she has got his black belt at age 7. Shock!

This allowed him to interact with various actors and directors, which opened the doors to the world of cinema and action. And although her character in Vikings is very high profile, the actress has kept moving forward and she released a few days ago a new dramatic film.

The film in question? Flag Day! Directed by the famous Sean Penn, the film was a huge success when it premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

The synopsis? The film immerses us in the story of a father (Sean Penn) who leads a dOblivious life of forger and bank robber, in order to support his daughter (Dylan Penn) while he lived in conflict with his ex-wife (Katheryn Winnick).

On her Instagram account, the actress of Lagertha in Vikings has also confided that she was “Very proud of be part of the masterpiece by Penn. “

Not to mention that for the presentation of the film, the young woman unveiled ultra sexy for the climb of the stairs. We see her wearing a long black and white dress and accompanied by her co-stars!