“Sous le ciel d’Alice”, a dreamlike debut film on the Lebanese tragedy

Selected for Cannes Critics’ Week in 2020, Under Alice’s sky is an autobiographical, anti-conformist, and enthusiastic film. Chloé Mazlo’s first feature film is dedicated to her Lebanese origins. A film with multiple forms that reflects the plural identity of Lebanon, on screens Wednesday, June 30.

Alice left her native Switzerland to be a nursery nurse in Beirut in the 1950s. She married Joseph, by whom she had a daughter, and was welcomed with open arms by her family. Alice has become an artist and Joseph, an astrophysicist, dreams of sending the first Lebanese to the moon. When civil war broke out in 1975, insecurity set in and triggered the diaspora. Pushed by her husband to return to Switzerland, will Alice manage to convince him to follow her?

The staging of Chloé Mazlo reconnects with the craftsmanship of the cinema with DIY, creative and aesthetic inventions. We think of Michel Gondry. Photos serve as a backdrop, animation takes place, the minimalist play of the actors gives a free and airy tone to the Alice’s Sky. Pastel colors complete what has all of a fairy tale. The sweet face of Alba Rohrwacher, his name, his change of scenery, allude to Alice in Wonderland. As in the tale, the story is told from his point of view. The film is his view of the world, with more depth than it appears. Like the Lewis Carroll story.

Before the civil war, Lebanon was identified with a “paradise”, a Wonderland. A place of mixing of a large number of communities living in harmony, the country has fallen into hell, battered by its powerful neighbors. As with Carroll, wonders are caught up with reality. Like the Queen of Hearts who beheads her opponents in the tale, it is the war that is baited on the Lebanese, under fallacious arguments.

Alba Rohrwacher in "Under Alice's sky" by Chloé Mazlo.  (PASCAL CHANTIER / MOBY DICK FILMS)

But the film is not for all that political, Chloé Mazlo paints the portrait of a family caught in the turmoil. She films the fate of a plural people who resist, thanks to their inner strength. The image is very smooth, while war, attacks and searches are rife. The gap between the warrior context and its sweet representation creates a surreal atmosphere. Chloé Mazlo translates by image this serene confidence in oneself and towards others in the face of adversity. What makes all the salt of Alice’s Sky. Zen.

The poster of & nbsp;"Under Alice's sky" by Chloé Mazlo.  (AD VITAM)

Kind : Drama
Director and Director : Chloe mazlo
Actors : Alba Rohrwacher, Wajdi Mouawad, Isabelle Zighondi
Country : France
Duration : 1h30
Exit : June 30, 2021
Distributor : Ad Vitam

Synopsis : In the 1950s, young Alice left Switzerland for Lebanon, a sunny and exuberant country. There, she falls in love with Joseph, a mischievous astrophysicist who dreams of sending the first Lebanese into space. Alice quickly finds her place in the latter’s family. But after a few years of dolce vita, civil war creeps into their paradise …

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