Canadian Film Festival in Dieppe: opening ceremony tomorrow

Benoît Pilon's film will be screened during the opening ceremony.
Benoît Pilon’s film The Vinland Club will be screened during the opening ceremony this Friday, June 25, 2021 at 7 p.m. at the Grand Forum in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime). (© DR)

Last year, due to the health situation, the association Cine-Deep was the only association in France to offer its two festivals, that of Canadian film in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) and that of fashion, costumes and cinema organized in the sister cities.

This year, we had to adapt but the whole team is still preparing a very good edition of the Canadian film festival of Dieppe.

3,000 spectators

The appointment is scheduled from June 25 to 27, 2021 to the great pleasure of moviegoers who come in large numbers to each of the screenings: welcoming 3,000 spectators each year, the Dieppe festival remains an event popular with the public.

It must be said that it is unique in its kind in Europe:

“There is a Quebec film festival in Biscarosse but none that brings together, as in Dieppe, all the diversity of Canadian cinema by highlighting French, English and Native films.”

Ben CollierPresident of the Ciné-Deep association

So in Dieppe, the organizers want to make the festival a real reference even if, this year, the health situation still prevents the travel of the Canadian teams: “But they will be there next year on the occasion of an additional day dedicated to professional component ”promises Ben Collier.

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A year 2022 all the more important as Canada will be in the spotlight in the city of Dieppe for the 80th anniversary of the raid of August 19, 1942.

While waiting for this beautiful meeting, another no less festive promises beautiful cinematographic encounters.

Competition and special sessions

For this 8th edition of the Canadian Film Festival, whose mistress of ceremonies will be Dominique Lagrou-Sempère, nine films are in competition, including two documentaries in an attempt to win one or more of the nine prizes.

The spectators and the jury will thus be able to discover The Marina by Etienne Galloy, Flashwood by Jean-Carl Boucher, You will remember me by Eric Tessier, Nadia Butterfly by Pascal Plante, Beans by Tracey Deer, The laugh by Martin Laroche shot in Dieppe, and two documentaries: My name is human by Kim O’Bomsawin and The breadth of all things by Jennifer Abbott.

For the projection of Nadia Butterfly, the director, Pascal Plante and the producer, Dominique Dussault will be present: “In the official selection of Cannes in 2020, this film will be released on July 21. The Dieppe festival will therefore benefit from the presence in France of the director and the producer, ”explains Ben Collier.

The opening ceremony will be with the screening of the film by Benoît Pilon, The Vinland Club, and the closing ceremony foresees To love you better by Denise Bouchard. And in between, the festival team has scheduled a special screening on Saturday evening with the screening of Kuessipan by Myriam Verrault.

“Last year, this film won the Audience Award in Dieppe and won dozens of awards in Canada. It seemed important to us to present it to Dieppe residents ”assures Ben Collier.

A film for young audiences, Felix and the Morgaa Treasure by Nicola Lemay, is also on the program.

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