Luca on Disney +: 10 details hidden in the new Pixar movie

The new Pixar movie, Luca, available on Disney +, is no exception to the rule of little easter eggs. Have you noticed the details hidden in the animated feature film?

Available on Disney +, the new Pixar film Luca follows the unforgettable summer punctuated by delicious gelati, tasty pasta and a young boy’s long scooter rides in a pretty little coastal town on the Italian Riviera.

He shares his adventures with his new best friend Alberto, but this happiness is threatened by a well-kept secret: both are in reality sea monsters from another world, located just below the surface of the water …

In good self-respecting Pixar, this new animated feature film by Enrico Casarosa is full of winks, references and hidden details. Did you spot them?


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The small coastal town on the Italian Riviera where Luca and Alberto go is called Portorosso. Director Enrico Casarosa is a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki and Ghibli Studios movies and this name is a tribute to the movie Porco Rosso, released in 1992.

Marcello Mastroianni

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When Luca and Alberto try to use their manufactured scooter, Alberto looks at a photo in one of his mirrors. This is a snapshot of the Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni. Her daughter Chiara Mastroianni lends her voice to Daniela, Luca’s mother, in the French version.


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One of the boats that Luca and Alberto see at sea is flocked with the name Elena. It’s a nod to Abuelita Elena, Miguel’s grandmother in the Pixar movie Coco.

La Luna’s daddy?

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Massimo, Giulia’s dad, looks a lot like the dad in the short film La Luna. Both have a big mustache, a certain plumpness, the same style of clothing and similar headgear. This similarity is not surprising when you know that La Luna is signed Enrico Casarosa, the director of Luca.

Disney references

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In Giulia’s bedroom there are some references to famous Disney characters. In the middle of the scientific manuals, there is a Pinocchio book, which will be adapted into a Disney cartoon in 1940, but also a plush of a cult character, Donald Duck.

Between cinema and fiction

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Throughout the film Luca, numerous movie posters plastered on the walls of the city of Porto Rosso appear in the shots. We can see La Strada by Federico Fellini, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Richard Fleischer and Vacances romaines by William Wyler.

The Pixar ball

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During the bicycle race in the streets of Portorosso, we can see the small Pixar ball on one of the roofs of the houses. This famous bullet was first introduced in John Lasseter’s short Luxo Jr. in 1986, and has been a regular feature of Pixar movies since.

Pizza Planet truck

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It’s stealthy but it’s there! As Ercole chases Luca and Alberto through the rain during the bike race, we see the famous Pizza Planet truck parked in one of the downhill streets of the city of Portorosso.


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One of the most iconic easter eggs from Pixar movies. On the train ticket that Alberto offers to Luca is written the mention A113. This refers to the famous California Institute of Arts classroom, where Tim Burton, John lasseter, Brad Bird or Pete Docter studied animation.

Pixar studios

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In the last scene, when Luca says goodbye to Alberto and his family, the train he and Giulia are getting on is seen to have the number 94608 on the front. This is the zip code for Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California. The symbolism of this number is strong in the film since Luca gets on this particular train to pursue his dreams and go to school and the Pixar studios are among the dream places for animation lovers.

BONUS – A hint on the next Pixar

Disney / pixar

Director Enrico Casarosa mentioned it to the press, there is a little easter egg on the next Pixar, Turning Red, but it has not yet been found! And for good reason, it is well hidden: “We have a little secret easter egg on Turning Red, but it’s very well hidden and we don’t want to spoil any surprises in the film. So it will be a later reveal.” Have you had the eye?

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