The film premiered in space, Alexandre Astier explains himself

The event of the week is the broadcast of the first trailer by Kaamelott – Premier Volet, the film by Alexandre Astier which will be released in French cinemas on July 21. Almost 13 years after the end of the series, fans will finally be able to discover the rest of the adventures of Arthur Pendragon determined to recover his throne.

Without doubt one of the most anticipated French films of the year, Kaamelott could well make history by becoming the first French film to be shown in space and in preview. Everything would be in the hands of NASA according to Alexandre Astier.

Kaamelott: The independent ISS!

Kaamelott Space


A few days after the broadcast of “KV1”, Alexandre Astier was the guest of the Daily show hosted by Yann Barthès on the TMC channel. It was an opportunity for fans to discover a new interview with King Arthur and to learn a little more about the film, but also around the crazy projects that surround the latter.

On April 28, astronaut Thomas Pesquet had just joined the International Space Station (ISS) where he was to stay there for six months. His return to Earth being scheduled for October, the latter did not go there empty-handed. He indicated on his networks that he had embarked with him the entire Kaamelott series that he adores.

Following this declaration, a petition was posted by fans to allow Thomas Pesquet to preview the film so as not to wait for his return to Earth. With more than 11,000 signatures, the petition is a nice little success and got the two main stakeholders to react at the beginning of May.

Thomas Pesquet reassured the fans by confirming that discussions had been exchanged between him and Alexandre Astier. Tweet to which the screenwriter of Kaamelott replied leaving high hopes for the fans.

On the set of Quotidien, Alexandre Astier confirmed what many expected: the project is underway. To answer Yann Barthès’ question, the filmmaker declares:

NASA has to see it to be sure that there isn’t an incentive in my film, for example to blow up a space station. You have seen the film, you can see that I am quite light on this subject. We’re doing very well!

We are therefore very close to having a French film premiered in space. Thomas Pesquet will not be the only lucky one to discover the rest of Arthur’s adventures before everyone else since Alexandre Astier intends to offer subtitles so that all members of the station can enjoy the show.

I have to subtitle it because his comrades are not French-speaking. They shouldn’t be bored either. I understand that they all looked at things a bit together.

On the land side, see you on July 21 in the dark rooms!

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