First Streaming Film Festival of July 3-6 (…)

The inaugural edition of the Monaco Streaming Film Festival (MCSFF), in collaboration with the major Hollywood streaming studios, Reg Grundy Médias, the Princess Grace Foundation and the GEMA Foundation, will take place from July 3 to 6, 2021 at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, preceding Cannes festival.

The first of its kind, MCSFF will make its red carpet debut and broadcast everything on its agenda around the world, with Netflix founding vice president Mitch Lowe on board as the festival’s co-founder, this experience innovative hybrid of “festival-meet-summit” celebrates the content, creators and talent of the streaming industry and leverages streaming technology to propel the festival.

MCSFF invites you to the Grimaldi Forum Monaco and Virtually, to recognize the best in the streaming industry and to celebrate key innovators and personalities in film, media and technology. For more information, visit


Saturday July 3 18:00

Seduced – Inside The NXIVM Cult

Seduced tells the intimate and heartbreaking story of India Oxenberg who joined the NXIVM self-help group that became a sex cult. India is joined by a group of courageous women, also involved in NXIVM to varying degrees. With India, they form a group of voices whose experiences add contexts and perspectives to understand how intelligent and educated people can unknowingly find themselves in a cult.

Saturday July 3 20:00

To Catch A Thief

To Catch a Thief is an American romantic thriller movie directed in 1955 by Alfred Hitchcock. Gary Grant plays a retired burglar who must save his tainted reputation by catching an impostor preying on wealthy tourists from the French Riviera. Grace Kelly, in her last role for Hitchcock, plays the woman he falls in love with.

Sunday 4 July 10:00

Togetherband Voices

Togetherband Voices is a series of short documentaries produced in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The series follows ordinary people doing extraordinary work to address the major issues of our time. These inspiring portraits show us people around the world doing all they can to create a fairer, more sustainable and more beautiful future for all.

Sunday July 4 12:00

David LaChappelle’s Off Hiatu

Off Hiatus is self-expression through fashion and style. The unscripted short exoduses the humor of the British global phenomenon “Absolutely Fabulous” with the ingredients of a cult sensation “Spinal Tap for Fashion”. The short follows fashion designer Kai Milla as she and her community of designers give exclusive access to what’s really going on behind the scenes in fashion through storytelling and impromptu dialogue.

Sunday 4 July 17:15

Temptation by Civilization

Inspired by interviews with Chilean philosopher, scientist and humanist Darío Salas Sommer, and supervised, supported and funded by the Antropov Foundation, Temptation by Civilization is a reflection of the nature of the conflict between modern man and civilization. Is it possible to build a society based on moral principles or is it a utopia? How can people today understand each other, find their own way in life and realize their own responsibility for the World? Can they grasp the meaning of their life and find the answer to the ultimate question: “What was I born for?” “

Monday July 5 20:00

Michael Flatley’s Blackbird (Premiere)

Blackbird is a spy film directed, produced and written by and starring dancer Michael Flatley in 2018. Secret agent Blackbird retires from service and opens a luxurious nightclub in the Caribbean to escape the shadows of his past . An old flame rekindles the love in her life but gets her into trouble.

Tuesday July 6 19:00

Saint Frances

Saint Frances is a film directed by Alex Thompson in 2019. Nominated for the John Cassavetes Award in 2021, the film manages to go from sad to funny and spicy to tender with such simplicity that the investment in the characters is absolute. The misfit 34-year-old Bridget and 6-year-old Frances, whom she takes care of until the end of the summer, are endearing in a film that revolves around the mess of life.

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