Shooting of a film in Nogent-le-Rotrou. The silent loves of Alexandre Gouvernel

Alexandre Gouvernel shot the final scene of his medium-length film in the Pierre-Mendès-France room.
Alexandre Gouvernel shot the final scene of his medium-length film in the Pierre-Mendès-France room. (© Alexandre Gouvernel)

What would a movie look like without a love story ? Alexandre Gouvernel has decided to make it the main subject for his next medium-length film. The Nogent-based director has just launched into this special format.

“The film will last about forty minutes, the duration of a serial episode,” he slips. A new challenge for those who have practiced mainly in short films until now.

A very personal film

“Silent loves” is the title of Alexander’s new baby.

In this film, I give of myself because it follows a complicated romantic relationship. And it was my way of emotionally unloading myself.

Alexandre GouvernelDirector

A very personal universe in which he does not forget the spectator, “he does not prevent any projection. We wrote it together, with Gabriel Guichard who also plays the main actor. “

Before adding with a smile, “it’s not the session of a depressive with the shrink ”.

Sessions in Nogent?

Alexandre reveals some pieces of the script. “Evan and Valentine (played by Hermine Granville) are two former painters. They loved each other very much during a carnal relationship. The separation came. And the film is based on the reunion at a party at a friend’s house. “

Will they plunge again and reappear feelings that have been hidden for too long? Answer on November 24, 2021, when the film was officially released.

The director would see himself offering his work to the Nogentais, “we’ll see how it could be possible, but that would make me happy. “

The locals would find there a place they know well in the final scene. “We used the Pierre-Mendès-France room and I set it up like a timeless gallery.

A filming tradition of meeting in Nogent that he intends to keep. “It’s my homeland, it’s important to me. »The room he plans to use again in his next short film entitled« Racines ».

A production box is assembled

The rest of this film is shot in Paris. “We were able to do scenes at night during the curfew. We found there all the loneliness that I wanted to express, it was a great time.

But this medium-length film is a step towards the long one whose scenario is in brainstorming. »Without locking himself up« in a style. I am a photographer at the base. It’s the emotion that I bring that pleases me and that maybe through a doc ‘, news with simple stories… ”

The other project underway for Alexandre is “the start of my production company, AGR films. “On this last film, she is supported by that of a friend” Moonlight video “.

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