Nice. Tarek Boudali and Artus shooting at the Victorine studio for Olivier Baroux’s film

Tarek Boudali and Artus are shooting in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) in Olivier Baroux's next film.
Tarek Boudali and Artus are shooting in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) in Olivier Baroux’s next film. (© MI / Actu Nice)

“Silence, 3,2,1, Action! »Intones Olivier Baroux from his director’s chair in studio number 6 de la Victorine in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes).

This June 29, 2021, an action scene is shot, the main character played by Tarek Boudali fights with his neighbor. He is accompanied by his brother, held by Artus.

The film Liar tells the story of Jerome (Tarek Boudali), a somewhat mythomaniac man on the edges who will be struck by a curse that makes all his lies become a reality. Thus, his neighbor with whom he is fighting in our scene of the day, has become the serial killer he claims he is. The French adaptation of a Quebec comedy including Gaumont bought the rights and offered the realization to Olivier Baroux.

From his director's chair, Olivier Baroux directs his actors and makes sure to have the right rendering to the image.
From his director’s chair, Olivier Baroux directs his actors and makes sure to have the right rendering to the image. (© MI / Actu Nice)

Tarek Boudali as a compulsive liar

“I embody a liar that I am not in real life” assures Tarek Boudali with a smile. He said he was delighted to shoot on the Côte d’Azur when the weather was good and the sea was out there, “then it felt good to be with a film crew”.

This is the first time that the actor has worked solo, without his troupe with Philippe Lacheau, “The Pippi Band” (Baby sitter,…), “We have always said to each other that we would not prevent ourselves from making projects elsewhere. ”

Here, the proposal of Olivier Baroux, the former acolyte of Kad Merad which has been a hit in recent years by realizing The Tuches, seduced him.

When he contacted me in December to say “I have something to offer you”, I was already formulating the “o” of “yes”. Then he presented me with the pitch of the film, there was the “u” and obviously when we started working on the screenplay the “i” happened immediately.

Tarek BoudaliActor

An action comedy

The comedy wants to be active with fights like this sequence shot today but also downright car stunts for which production was able to block a road for a whole day at Hyères (Var). It is this dynamic aspect that finally convinced the actor.

Finally, he enjoys working with Artus, a first. As for his other projects, he confides that he is in the process of writing his next comedy in which we will find “La Bande à Fifi”.

2.5 million euros spent in PACA

Almost all of the eight weeks of filming take place in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. A part has already been shot at Saint-Mandrier (Var) for ten days, another outdoors in Nice and its surroundings and the team of around 80 people is now installed at La Victorine for ten days. They will then go to the side of Cannes before finalizing with two short days of filming at Paris, to follow the scenario.

“The film taking place in Nice, we made the choice to spend as much as possible in the region, even the studio parts”, explains Pascal Bonnet, production manager at Gaumont. However, neither the PACA region nor the Alpes-Maritimes department has granted subsidies, despite requests. 2.5 million euros were spent in PACA by Gaumont. “The Victorine is a very powerful tool, almost as much as our Bry-sur-Marne studios. Here we have everything together, even the offices and carpentry, ”adds the producer.

The Covid still present

In total, for this film “The Liar”, two sets are used. A first of 1,200m² and the second of 600m². For the sets, it was not easy. The Covid having been there, the materials in high demand by a whole bunch of sectors at the moment such as wood, useful for structures, are out of stock and this is also affecting the cinema industry.

To make the sets, the teams need a lot of wood.
To make the sets, the teams need a lot of wood. (© MI / Actu Nice)

But here, the team was far-sighted: “When we had the opportunity to find a supplier, we ordered what we needed and 20% more in anticipation, we then sold the rest to d other productions. ”

The shooting goes smoothly, only one short day had to be canceled because of the rain. The film will then go into editing. It is difficult to estimate a release date given the queue linked to the Covid but the producer already indicates that it will not be “before the second half of 2022.”

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