Netflix: 7 movies about drug trafficking to watch

“Training day” (2001)

The movieAntoine Fuquan, scripted by David Ayer, marked a turning point in the career of Denzel Washington. Training Day widened the doors of Hollywood for the actor and allowed him to win the Oscar for best actor. The latter lends his features to Staff Sergeant Alonzo Harris of the fight against drugs, recognized by his peers. Jake Hoyt (Ethan hawke, nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor) is his new, high-value teammate, who fears the Staff Sergeant’s popularity in drug-affected neighborhoods is due to his corruption.

“The Drug King” (2018)

Unmissable star of Korean cinema, Song kang-ho is used to filming under the direction of Bong joon-ho. This time it’s for the director Woo min-ho let him slip into the shoes of a petty con artist from the city of Busan. This dark comedy shows his rise, as he becomes a successful drug dealer of the 70s.

“Five” (2016)

If you enjoyed following the thriving Hazan family business in the Netflix series Family Business, Five you should like it. The film is also directed by Igor gotesman and deals with drug trafficking with humor. We find the duo there Pierre Niney and Francois Civil in the center of a band of broke friends.

“Succeed or Die” (2005)

In this biopic directed by Jim sheridan, 50 Cent plays its own role. That of a young black man involved in a gang to earn a living by selling drugs. His passion for music barely saves him, after having received several bullets in the chest. In 2014, 50 Cent returns to the screen producing and casting the series Power which, too, stages the world of drugs.

“The Millers, a Budding Family” (2013)

A failed drug dealer, a stripper, a rebellious teenager and another near orphan play the perfect family to pocket a jackpot by smuggling drugs across the Mexican border. It’s a comedy directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber with Jennifer aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts and Will Poulter.

“Burn out” (2017)

Francois Civil leads a thrilling action film in the shoes of Tony, a motorcycle rider on the way to professional. Only, in his suburbs, the underworld that reigns has a completely different plan for him: to use it as a go-fast motorbike to transport drugs and to erase the debt of fifty thousand euros of his ex-addict companion.

“The Marginal” (1983)

Thirteen years later Borsalino, Jean-Paul Belmondo meet the director Jacques Deray For the movie The misfit in which he plays Commissioner Philippe Jordan. He relentlessly hunts down Sauveur Mecacci, the king of drug traffickers in Marseille. The actor takes the opportunity to impose on the casting his companion of the time, the Brazilian Carlos sotto mayor. Another star of the film, the Ford Mustang 1967, a tribute to the film Bullitt (1968) from Peter Yates worn by Steve mcqueen. The dialogues are signed Michel Audiard: “So Georges, my steak?” “

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