Disney + is already ordering a sequel to the movie “Cruella” with Emma Stone!

Faced with the immense success of Cruella, Disney + would consider ordering a sequel to the film. Very good news for viewers!

Recently released in theaters and on Disney +, the producers are already thinking at a sequel to the film Cruella. A next project carried by the sublime Emma Stone. MCE TV tells you more!

A sequel on Disney +?

In recent years, Disney has produced several adaptations in real shots of their classic animated films. As for The Lion King and Mulan.

This time Disney focused on the evil Cruella in the movie The 101 Dalmatians. This is not the first time that the studios have put forward an anti-hero in one of their feature film.

In 2014, the studios released Maleficent. He then tells the story of the wicked witch of The Sleeping Beauty. A colossal success film with more than 700 million dollars collected.

Due to the pandemic, the release of Cruella has been delayed. In some countries, the film is offered simultaneously in theaters and on Disney +, for digital purchase. In France, spectators can revel in its history since June 23.

For the moment, the film won over $ 160 million. A success which then leaves the way open to a sequel. Possibly on the Disney + platform? MCE TV tells you more!

According to Hollywood Reporter, the studio wants a second film with the same production team. Director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Tony McNamara are already working on the project.

Emma Stone transformed into Cruella

To play the role of Cruella on Disney +, Emma Stone then underwent a transformation. The actress was made up by the hairdresser and makeup-artist Nadia Stacey. MCE TV tells you all about A to Z!

Nadia stacey won the BAFTA for best makeup and hairstyles For the movie The Favorite. An award given to the UK the equivalent of the Oscars.

For film purposes Cruella on Disney +, they then appealed to her to transform Emma Stone into young Estella. Far from the universe of La La Land, the actress plays the villain in a London in the mid-70s in a film available on Disney +.

With her two-tone hair, her meeting with Baroness Von Hellman, a figure of fashion, will trigger a series of events. This meeting will switch her to her dark side. This will then give birth to the character of Cruella.

While waiting for the continuation, Emma Stone to dedicate at his private life. Married to Dave McCary, she then met him on the set of the show Saturday Night Live. MCE TV tells you more !

The couple then welcomed their first child, a daughter born in March 2021. She would be named Louise Jean, in tribute to one of Emma Stone’s grandmothers.

Before, she had shared the life of Andrew Garfield in this way. The actor and Emma Stone thus met in 2011. They then shoot the second saga Spiderman.

If they separate in March 2015, they reunite and then break up definitively in October of the same year. A sweet break sincethey stayed on good terms.

No doubt he congratulated him on the birth of his daughter Louise Jean!