AT THE MOVIE THEATER. “The Cloud”, horror film and family drama against a backdrop of vampire locusts

The film is based on the masterful performance of Suliane Brahim, alias Virginie.
The film is based on the masterful performance of Suliane Brahim, alias Virginie. (© DR)

In a campaign that is a bit macho, Virginie, alone, brings up her two children, Laura and Gaston, with the more than benevolent help of Karim. Virginie specializes in grasshopper flour. Her product and her know-how are excellent so much so that she sees herself in the obligation to expand her breeding. But even that is not enough to get its operation out of the financial rut.

Insects that love … blood

It was then that she discovered her insects’ ferocious appetite for… blood. She begins to buy whole cans of it for the greatest pleasure of her “protected” which then reproduce exponentially. Without realizing it, Virginie has just set foot in a death trap.

Suliane Brahim: the theater above all else

It was at school that the young Suliane discovered the theater. It will also be in this option that she will obtain her baccalaureate. The one who wanted to devote herself to the Humanitarian by devoting her higher studies to the studies of oriental languages ​​will be caught up by the virus of the scene.
The Comédie Saint-Etienne offered her her first role in 1996. She was 18 years old! A few years later, in 2009, she joined the “French”. The film under heading is its first major appearance on the big screen after two particularly applauded TV series (“Zone Blanche”, “Mouche”).

A scary movie

You are not dreaming, we are at the heart of a genre film, that of horror. Of course, there are digital effects, but grasshoppers, actually migratory locusts, are indeed real. As such, some shots will give you goosebumps, sure, and you will no longer see those nice bugs hopping from flower to flower in summer from the same angle, I guarantee you that.

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A pugnacious mother

Filmed with a ruthless sense of suspense and horror, this first opus, which is to be applauded ardently, in fact hollows out several grooves. That of the will, the pugnacity of a mother doing everything possible to socially save her little family.

The one also developed in other films in recent years, “Small Farmer” among others, I want to talk about the infernal spiral of agricultural productivism, source of almost daily family tragedies but also of major ecological setbacks.

Magistral Suliane Brahim

Without wanting to offend a whole cast in addition to the line, clearly the film is based on the performance of Suliane Brahim (Virginia). But who would have doubted it?

Boarder then member of the Comédie-Française since 2016, she has marked roles of astonishing diversity. Today it is imposed on the big screen and it is a safe bet that it will not stop there. At least we must wish it!

Robert Penavayre

“The Cloud”.
Director: Just Philippot.
With: Suliane Brahim, Sofian Khammes …
Genre: horror, horror.
Duration: 1h41

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