College students and puppeteers, time for a film at the Francine-Leca college in Sancerre

“Don’t forget the black cuff! », Slips the puppeteer Carole Croset to one of the 6 ° 1 students, before indicating her place on the ephemeral film set, installed from June 7 to 11 in the meeting room of the Francine Leca college in Sancerre.

Tuesday June 8, the 6 ° 1 students and their teachers took part in the second day of filming; a weeklong shoot that would put an end to an artistic project launched in October 2020.

A project that brings together several disciplines

As part of the Léz’arts ô colleges departmental system, Sancerre secondary school students in 6th and Segpa classes (with the supervision of teachers of French, plastic arts, music and horticulture), worked throughout of the year, to the creation of a show. “We put together artistic projects every year. This seems very important to us because it allows students to get out of their comfort zone, and to approach learning in a different, more concrete way, ”explains the principal deputy of the establishment, Gérald Verduron.

Here, it was a creation around the world of puppets, and inspired by La Fontaine’s fables.

“Starting from La Fontaine’s texts, the pupils imagined a show around the theme of environmental protection”

Sophie hardy (French teacher)

Each class then worked on rewriting texts, learning songs, imagining and creating their own puppets, their own sets …

“There was a lot of work on the writing, the voice, the body… It was very rich and very diverse for the students,” continues the teacher. To support them in this project, the teenagers were able to benefit from the invaluable advice of Carole Croset, who was a puppeteer for the program Les Guignols de l’Info on Canal +, for more than twenty years.

She was thus able to initiate them into the art of manipulation. “They learned the beginnings of puppet manipulation on the job. And all of them were very invested in the project! », Assures the puppeteer. “I loved everything,” enthuses Helena, a sixth-grader from Saint-Satur, on the day of the shoot. “Me, I preferred writing,” says Enzo for his part, between two scenes.

Movie coming soon

If, initially, a performance was planned, the sanitary conditions and the uncertainty pushed the supervisors to think about another way of concretizing the project: the idea of ​​making a film was then imposed on everyone.

“It also allows them to discover the backdrop of a shoot”, underlines the puppeteer, transformed for the occasion into a director, artistic director and co-director of the film, with Quentin Aurat, multi-musician plastic artist de Bourges who filmed the sequences.

From now on, the time has come for satisfaction since the film of the students of the college of Sancerre will soon be published on Carole Croset’s site. The opportunity to appreciate the work of teenagers, and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the show.

Melanie Pradalié

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