Luca and 5 films to get away from it all during the holidays on Disney +

The summer holidays are fast approaching … Whether your next trip is already planned or you are still thinking about it, discover our selection of destinations on Disney + to get away from it all without leaving your sofa!

Beach holidays: direction Portorosso in Luca

For many holidaymakers, the summer period rhymes above all with fine sandy beaches and abundant swimming sessions. And it is not the team behind the brand new Disney · Pixar animated film that will contradict them… In front of Luca, let yourself be transported to the small coastal town of Portorosso on the Italian Riviera!

An idyllic place of escape as discovered by Luca and Alberto, the heroes of the feature film, in reality two sea creatures out of their natural habitat. Between trips on a DIY scooter, tasting pasta with pesto, delicious ice cream and improvised dives, the animated film brings together all the ingredients for an unforgettable summer vacation, including the sun.

In a setting inspired by the Cinque Terre, these small fishing villages of the Italian coast, discover a story of friendship full of tenderness in Luca, available exclusively on Disney +.

Mountain holidays: surrounded by nature in Frère des Ours

Another destination of choice for lovers of nature, the mountain and its spectacular landscapes. Sources of inspiration for many artists, these bucolic settings are also the setting for the animated film Frère des Ours, a poignant feature film that has remained in the shadow of other Disney studios successes.

In the company of Kenai, a young Indian transformed into a bear, and Koda, walk through lush forests and lush vegetation on the way to the famous mountain where “the lights touch the earth”. To the rhythm of pieces composed and performed by Phil Collins, mammals cross sublime landscapes inspired by the travels of directors Aaron Blaise and Bob Walker in Alaska, California and Wyoming.

(Re) discover Frère des Ours now on the platform.

Vacation on the water: on a cruise with Pirates of the Caribbean

Want to take off this summer? Treat yourself to a hectic vacation in front of the unmissable Pirates of the Caribbean saga. Hidden treasures, cursed pirates, deadly song mermaids and sea monsters are definitely not the ingredients of a successful cruise, but they do at least make the trip thrilling when it takes place on the big screen.

No luxury cabin, casino or swimming pool with slides on the Black Pearl… Travelers will have to be satisfied with an uncomfortable place between two barrels of powder and a cannon ready to be loaded. Without forgetting the activity of cleaning the main deck alongside the zombified pirates of the first part.

Embark on a stunning sea adventure in front of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and its sequels to review on Disney +.

Holidays in a galaxy far far away: on an excursion with Star Wars Biomes

We no longer present the Star Wars cinematic saga. If fans of this essential franchise of the 7th art have all dreamed of boarding the Millennium Falcon or an Imperial Destroyer to cross this vast universe, the Star Wars Biomes program invites you to virtually visit the cult places that made his success.

From Tatooine to Sorgan, via Hoth, the galaxy opens its doors wide to you on a journey you will never forget. Prepare for a captivating expedition with the many details slipped into these breathtaking images. Visit Disney + to live the Star Wars Biomes experience!

Vacation on the ice floe: icy stay with Penguins

An atypical destination especially for summer holidays, but this is also the magic of screens: inviting spectators to discover distant and surprising regions from the comfort of their sofa. In Penguins, one of the many documentaries in the DisneyNature collection, Disney + invites you to go to Antarctica in the footsteps of an Adélie penguin nicknamed Steve.

In search of a partner to start a family, this male will have to survive while he is threatened by all kinds of animals, from killer whales to leopard seals. Interested in behind the scenes? Continue the adventure with the team behind this fascinating documentary in The Penguins: A Life at Risk, also available on the platform.

Club vacations: musical stopover thanks to Camp Rock

The summer period is also the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Why not go for a club or summer camp like Mitchie and her friends in Camp Rock? With a multitude of activities on the program, you won’t have a minute to get bored.

Dance lessons with Joe Jonas, impromptu performance in the canteen and a big singing competition to end the week… Reserve your place now for the famous Camp Rock, to be seen again on Disney +. The second part, still with Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, is also available on the platform.

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