Star Wars Rogue Squadron: Patty Jenkins drops some information on the film

The filmmaker Patty Jenkins, who will take care of the next Star Wars film entitled “Rogue Squadron”, has just elaborated on this future project, and on his other feature films to come.

Rogue Squadron : the next movie Star wars

Now that the postlogy is over, fans are eagerly awaiting the next movie Star wars. For the moment, the distant galaxy, very distant, is mainly exploited on Disney + through the many series currently in development. But Disney and LucasFilm are not planning to stop film production.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron © LucasFilm / Disney

The next upcoming opus will be Rogue Squadron. Intended for 20 December 2023 in French theaters, this 12th movie Star wars will be directed by Patty Jenkins, the filmmaker behind the saga Wonder woman. At the moment, not much is known about the project, except that it will focus on a new generation of fighter pilots. In any case, it will be the very first opus of the license to be directed by a woman!

Patty Jenkins expands on her plans

Patty Jenkins expanded on her upcoming projects at the microphone of Associated Press. Obviously, among his next works, there are Rogue Squadron. In particular, she underlined that this future Star wars should introduce the concept of “new era” in the license. The goal is indeed to embrace unexplored elements within the franchise. Patty Jenkins insisted that she was keen on directing a movie about fighter pilots. Previous adventures have featured different squadrons. Thus helping to establish a universal tone and decor. Here’s what she had to say:

I’m in love with all three projects right now. I’ll definitely be doing Rogue Squadron, and then I’d love to do Wonder Woman 3. Between Michael Stackpole’s books, video games, and all the Rogue Squadron books, there’s an amazing story that’s really important to honor. . And yet it has to be brought to a new era, because we have to tell a new story. So you’re trying to mix the best and make it the great fighter pilot movie that I’ve always wanted to make. It’s a great mix of things that you try to put on, while still keeping the story simple.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron © Nintendo

The Rogue Squadron has already appeared during the license Star wars. It is mentioned at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. But above all, Star Wars Rogue Squadron is a video game license. It is a space flight simulator whose first opus was created by Mark Haigh-Hutchinson. It is released in 1998 on PC and Nitendo 64. Then, this universe was subsequently developed through novels and comics. Patty Jenkins’ film is therefore only the logical continuation of events.

Some pressure to face

Patty Jenkins continued her interview by explaining how extremely complicated this kind of exercise can be. Make a movie Star wars obviously leads a lot of pressure :

You try to bring the best of yourself and use it to create something beautiful that honors the legacy that came before you. Of course, that’s a huge pressure and Wonder Woman was a huge pressure as well, so it’s not a totally new feeling to me. But it’s still really scary.

As a reminder, the scenario of Rogue Squadron will be written by Matthew Robinson, while the film should logically see the light of day in December 2023. Finally, if all goes well by then…

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