Disney +: the new movie “Star Wars The Acolyte” is coming soon?

Disney + is increasing the number of projects for their platform. Production of their new Star Wars movie The Acolyte will begin very soon!

Disney + fulfills all its promises with its films and series! Rich in new content, the production of the new film Star Wars The Acolyte will start soon. MCE TV tells you more!

A new Star Wars movie

Disney + owes its enormous success to MCU movies and series or the Star universe Wars. Last May, the series Star Wars The Bad Batch was born.

The 3D animated series follows the Bad Batch, a group of genetically modified clones but different from other clones. They then go into exile to find a new purpose after a life dedicated to war. MCE TV tells you everything!

The story is located atafter the events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and of The Clone Wars. Disney + has unveiled a new trailer. She then teases half of the coming season with several new scenes.

But, fans are waiting for the arrival of Star Wars The Acolyte on Disney +. According to Discussing Film, production company Lucasfilm wants to start filming in London for the month of February 2022. MCE TV tells you more!

If the cast is not yet known, Lucasfilm would likea woman of color stars. On the other hand, we already know that Rayne Roberts will act as co-developer of the feature film.

Star Wars The Acolyte was then described as a mysterious thriller ”.

He will take audiences to a galaxy of dark secrets and powers of the dark side emerging in the final days of the High Republic era.“. MCE TV will tell you more!

Disney therefore has new projects for the Star Wars universe. A license acquired for $ 4 billion. Nothing but that!

The updated Disney + catalog

Like every beginning of the month, Disney + updates its catalog. The month of July does not escape then new films and series. MCE TV tells you all about A to Z!

So, the platform will host the new animated series Monsters, Inc.: At work. On the series side, we find Body of Proof (season 1 to 3), The Chi (season 2), Grown-ish (season 1 and 2) or season 2 of Legion.

For films, viewers will have the opportunity to watch Love, Simon, Chronicle, Nixon, The Incredibles 2, Crazy Heart or even Ant-Man and the Wasp …

In addition to the new July program, the government decides to review media timeline. With the succession of confinements, the French people were able to benefit from the services of Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video. MCE TV tells you more!

In normal times, it is thus imposed a certain delay in broadcasting to streaming platforms. A period of at least 36 months. Last summer, Prime Minister Jean Castex then mentioned that it was time to change this chronology.

The SMAD decree for audiovisual media services on demand was then adopted.

This then forces the platforms to contribute ”to the production of European cinematographic and audiovisual works and original French expression, exhibition of these same works and in terms of advertising, sponsorship and teleshopping ”.

A measure that will not please at Canal +. The encrypted channel had the advantage of benefiting from the exclusivity of certain films, 6 to 8 months after their release in theaters. MCE TV will know more!