soon a Netflix series, after the abandoned film?

After the multiple failures of making a license-based film Mass Effect, BioWare and Electronic Arts do not give up, and come back to the charge with an animated series project in partnership with Netflix.

Video game enthusiasts have always had a love-hate relationship with cinema when it comes to adapting their favorite licenses to the big screen. Despite the commercial successes of resident Evil, tomb Raider or lately from Mortal Kombat, to say the least, is that gamers tend to want to keep their franchises in their versions with controllers in hand.

But this is far from the logic of the studios, in particular the big publishers, who see in film or serial ports enough to fill their pockets by capitalizing on big names. If the franchise Mass Effect is not at its first attempt in terms of adaptation, with the very honest Mass Effect: Lost Paragon (2012), with the return of hype caused by the release of the Legendary Edition BioWare and Electronic Arts felt the time was right for launch film and animated projects.

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And if the project to adapt Mass Effect in live film does not date from yesterday (rumors have been circulating on this subject since the beginning of 2000 …), it seems that the animated series is indeed in preparation, for a planned landing at the giant Netflix, according to exclusive information from ThatHashtagShow. If the series comes to fruition, it will be another example of the streaming service’s policy of betting on video game adaptations as potential franchises, like the success of Castlevania has already proven it.

A path to small screens that makes perfect sense according to Mac Walters, screenwriter and director of the ME saga, who said:

“It’s such a big world, and so many people I know in the TV and movie industry have reached out to me asking when we’re going to do it and telling me we have to do it …”

PhotoAnd did you find the crew of the Enterprise motley?

It must be admitted that in terms of context, history and issues, the saga Mass Effect has nothing to envy to the tenors of the genre Star wars or Star Trek (two of the major influences claimed by Walters elsewhere). For the uninitiated, the franchise puts you in the shoes of Commander Shepard, hero / heroine (at your leisure) ofa future where human beings have managed to travel to the far reaches of the galaxy. After a routine mission goes awry, your life is turned upside down as you discover an unprecedented threat is about to emerge. Colossal creatures both organic and cybernetic, called the Reapers, have taken the path of the inhabited planets, and aim toeradicate all life, in order to feed on it.

Difficult to summarize in a few lines the beginning of a story which spans three episodes, and which constitutes theone of the biggest space opera sagas in video game history, and true monuments of modern action-RPG. Interplanetary voyages, explorations of unknown lands and nervous gunfights are on the program, all embellished with a dense scenario with multiple branches. If you have any appetite for sci-fi, we cannot recommend enough that you take the plunge into this adventure.

PhotoWill Mass Effect meet the same fate as Resident Evil on Netflix?

What about the movie Mass Effect ? Despite the insistent hallway noise, and even crazy rumors of Henry Cavill as Commander Shepard, nothing is on the horizon. So, Arlésienne or abandoned project? Bets are rife on the subject. Mac Walters himself does not exclude the possibility of a film, but without giving the slightest detail, and even less a hypothetical exit window.

Choose a series rather than a film to adapt a universe as rich and deep as Mass Effect may appear to be a choice of reason. How indeed to retrace an adventure of more than 100 hours in a format of 1h30 to 2h00? In addition, this partnership would once again establish Netflix as the favorite platform for video game publishers, because ME is not alone on the way: resident Evil and Assassin’s Creed are also in the works at the streaming giant. It remains to be seen whether the information will be formalized or remain rumored forever.

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