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Worn by Chris Pratt, the futuristic action film “The Tomorrow War” is available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video today!

What is it about ?

The world is stunned when a group of travelers arrives from the future – precisely the year 2051 – to deliver an urgent message: in 30 years, Humanity will lose a world-class war against a deadly alien species that has come destroy our civilization. The only way to survive this alien attack is to transport soldiers and civilians from today’s world thirty years later to fight this alien invasion. Among the rookies, Dan Forester, a family man and high school teacher, is determined to save the world for his daughter’s future. Dan teams up with a brilliant scientist and his father to rewrite the future of the planet.

The Tomorrow War, directed by Chris McKay

Available on Amazon Prime Video July 2

Who is it with?

As Dan Forester, a former soldier-turned-biology teacher who becomes one of humanity’s last hopes, Chris Pratt (Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy) confirms his status as the new action movie superstar Hollywood.

By his side, Yvonne Strahovski also embodies a tough guy. Noted in recent years for her role in the drama series The Handmaid’s Tale, the Australian actress had already established herself as an action heroine in the Chuck and 24 heures chrono series (season 9) as well as in the film Killer Elite facing Jason Statham.

Well worth a look ?

While a battle for the survival of humanity will unfold thirty years in the future, men and women are selected to leap into the future and participate in spite of themselves in the battle against the whitespikes, formidable alien creatures.

If the pitch of The Tomorrow War recalls that of Terminator, except that it is also a trip to the future and not to the past, it is surely no coincidence since Chris Pratt is not other than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son-in-law!

Also under the influence of the Alien saga or the Starship Troopers, the feature film is a clever mix of action and science fiction; carried out at full speed, the plot wastes no time in setting itself up, after a flashback allowed us to understand the outbreak of the war and the main issues of the film. If he wants his daughter, Dan Forester is going to have to save the world (just that)!

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The realisation of The Tomorrow War was entrusted to Chris McKay. Hitherto known for his work in animation, the latter notably co-directed The Great Lego Adventure whose main character was voiced by Chris Pratt. The Tomorrow War therefore marks the great reunion of the two men, but also the first experience as a director of live-action film for McKay!

If the film is presented as a breathtaking and rather effective action film, the scenario nevertheless suffers from significant weaknesses, with in particular a too stereotypical writing of its protagonists. In great difficulty to immerse himself in this “serious” role, Chris Pratt does not manage to find the right tone to bring the necessary depth to the character. Fun in Guardians of the Galaxy, his playing mimicry is very quickly annoying here.

Designed for cinema, The Tomorrow War was ultimately not released in theaters. Landed directly on Amazon Prime Video due to the Covid-19 crisis, the feature film will nevertheless have every chance to find its audience, with its summer blockbuster recipe certainly without originality, but nevertheless produced with a certain dose of efficiency.

The whole is even rather entertaining, and if we regret that the emphasis is not more on the suspense, the action scenes which are linked are quite well made. In short, it’s a fun and fresh film that pretty much fits all the boxes of a Hollywood blockbuster specification.

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