The Flash, the film: A mystery character teased, who can he be?

Another Batman, a member of the Justice League … Here are our theories on the identity of the mystery character from The Flash.

Recently, a behind-the-scenes video The Flash leaked onto the web, revealing new information on the highly anticipated DCEU blockbuster. Although it was deleted from social media very quickly, DC Comics fans were quickly able to grab hold of it. In these images, we can see concepts art featuring Barry Allen, Supergirl, as well as the Batman played by Michael Keaton. The trio is not alone, however, since at least one character is hidden by a “spoiler” acronym, so that his identity remains secret. Who could this mystery protagonist be? This is precisely the question we are asking ourselves.

The return of the Batfleck

Batman (Ben Affleck) in Batman v Superman
Batman (Ben Affleck) in Batman v Superman – Credit (s): Warner Bros, DC Comics

In this same video, Ezra Miller, the interpreter of Flash, confirms the presence of several Batman in the feature film. With Ben Affleck supposedly part of the cast, it’s his version of the Dark Knight that could be hiding behind that spoiler logo. The film crew would try not to keep his presence a secret, but rather his appearance. If this last point turns out to be true, it may be because he will be wearing a new costume, or because an alternate version of his character will be introduced in The Flash. It could for example come from an alternate reality.

A third Batman

Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond
Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond – Credit (s): DC Comics, Warner Bros

As we said just above, Ezra Miller confirmed the presence of Batmen in the casting The Flash, however, he did not specify which ones. Those embodied by Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck could therefore be joined by a third version of the vigilante of Gotham. This new feature film signed Warner Bros and DC Comics could for example introduce Terry McGinnis, the hero of the animated series Batman beyond. In the latter, an older Bruce Wayne living in a futuristic Gotham becomes the mentor of a young teenager, Terry, to take over. This mystery character, if he is indeed a Batman, could also be Dick Grayson, aka the first Robin, which already assumed the identity of the bat when the hero was presumed dead.

Another hero of the DCEU

Justice League in the DCEU
Justice League in the DCEU – Credit (s): HBO Max

Other photos taken during the filming of The Flash have shown that this first solo adventure of the speedster was going well in the DCEU which hosted the Justice League not long ago. As proof, one of the pictures included a bus on which a large photo of Wonder Woman was plastered. So it wouldn’t be surprising if one of Barry Allen’s friends made an appearance in the film. Could it be Cyborg? Initially, the latter played a major role in the plot of the film, which would have been modified after Ray Fisher denounced the behavior of certain executives of the Warner. Its presence in the blockbuster is therefore far from certain. The most beautiful surprise would be to find Henry Cavill’s Superman, but the chances seem slim. The Flash could also be the opportunity to crossover with the Suicide Squad, and why not a certain Harley Quinn, who calls himself Yoyo in the comics Flashpoint which the film would be based on.

A new character

Barry Allen in Justice League
Barry Allen in Justice League – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Supergirl might not be the only newcomer. This film The Flash indeed seems to be an ideal opportunity to introduce several never-before-seen characters in the DCEU, or simply eagerly awaited by fans. The mystery protagonist could thus be a new hero, who will take his first steps in the universe started by Man of steel.

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