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Each week, the French distributor’s video-on-demand platform offers four films available free of charge for seven days. An offer without algorithms, no offense to the streaming giants.

“We create video on demand for films that nobody thinks they are asking”, such is the pitch of this offer from MK2 Curiosity, born in the emergency of the health crisis which saw the closure of cinemas. An offer that the platform continues to offer to lovers of the 7th art, despite the (almost) end of restrictions and the opening of theaters. Anti-Netflix? Yes, since unlike other streaming services, MK2 Curiosity claims loud and clear that it does not use algorithms.

Every Thursday, the site puts online for free four films for seven days, which form part of the immense catalog of this venerable distribution, film production and cinema network house. Once the seven days have passed, the episodes” are available online, for a financial contribution.

Mixture of genres

You can see cartoons from the 1950s, “Pronobis” by Melvil Poupaud or even “When you’re strange”, the very first feature-length documentary on the legendary rock band The Doors. With, at the center of the story, the charismatic figure of its leader Jim Morrison. The rise and fall of this rock poet, half shaman, half frenzied trapeze artist of a group that looks like a psychedelic fairground. An extraordinary story that spans 54 months of existence and more than 80 million records sold.

New York director Tom DiCillo immerses us in 1960s America and, a wise choice, he only uses archival footage. A historically rigorous tale carried by the voice of Johnny Depp. A group whose name is inspired by this quote from the poet William Blake: “If the doors of perception were cleaned, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite”.

We discover sequences of an experimental film shot by Jim Morrison in the 1970s, with friends. Ex-student, the singer left forty-five minutes of film where we see him crossing the desert in a convertible car, images that constitute the common thread of the documentary, as if Morrison came to haunt the story of his life. A life made up of dramas, sex, poetry, drugs, alcohol and a carnal, visceral relationship with music.

One episode per week

The films chosen revolve around a theme, this week’s being on the destinies of overwhelming women. We can even see Abdellatif Kechiche’s 2010 film “Black Venus”, a miserable odyssey of the Hottentot Venus Saartjie Baartman, a 19th century fairground phenomenon.

And a little jewel by Alice Guy, “Matrimony’s speed limit” (1913), a short film by cinema pioneer Alice Guy.

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Just before his marriage, a young man realizes that he has lost all his fortune, a comedy that risks turning into disaster.

Miruna Coca-Cozma

>> MK2 Curiosity, streaming offer available 7 days, every Thursday.

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