Is “Luca” a gay movie about a love affair between two little boys?

On June 16, 2021, on its streaming platform, Disney finally unveiled the animated film of the summer. “Luca”, directed by Enrico Casarosa, has since met with great success. The feature film is even considered LGBTQI + by many viewers …

Two little boys, Luca and Alberto, sea monsters underwater and humans on land, make friends and defy the forbidden by going to a small coastal town on the Italian Riviera. Cycling, dreams of Vespa rides, pasta and ice cream are waiting for you – enough to win over a large audience. Among the fans, many consider the story to be an LGBTQI + love story that does not speak its name … why Luca has it conquered the LGBTQI + community?

“Luca”, a budding Disney-style love story?

Despite their differences, Luca and Alberto try to integrate into this small Italian village. And for that, they make sure that their secret is not discovered. They are sea monsters and they are well aware of the fear they inspire. And if their dream of leaving is to have a Vespa to go around the world for two, Luca gradually becomes friends with the children of the village, particularly Gullia, then shows a growing desire for ‘also go to school. But Alberto reminds him that he will be rejected if he tries more to integrate, at the risk of his secret being revealed. This intense desire of Luca to integrate incognito even goes so far as to weaken their relationship, since he rejects Alberto when he reveals who he is. No doubt, Luca is a film about identity and you don’t have to push much to make it an LGBTQI + read.

Translation: “I just saw Luca, and whatever anyone says, this is Disney / Pixar’s first gay animated film. Having to hide a part of yourself, meet someone like you for the premiere times, being called monsters, finding the right allies. I cried. “

Particularly poignant, this scene where (spoiler warning!) Luca is about to reveal his identity in contact with the rain and where his friend, rejected because of his difference, begs him not to do it in order to avoid violent reactions des We also like these tender and complicit scenes between the two boys, which fuel the LGBTQI + interpretation of the film. What some have even compared to gay romance Call me by your name (probably because Italy also serves as a backdrop).

A “simple friendship story” according to Disney … Really?

So, did Disney give audiences their first LGBTQI + movie? Apparently not. In any case, this is explained by the director of Luca, Enrico Casarosa: this is a film directly inspired by his experience. Moreover, the character of Alberto really existed: it is the animated double of one of his childhood friends. Luca, according to Enrico Casarosa, who also grew up in Genoa, a port city on the Italian Riviera, speaks simply of a male friendship between two little boys not yet teenagers.

One can think that the curator Disney did not dare to assume a gay subtext. Another possibility: if many LGBTQI + people have been significantly affected by this film and say so on social networks, it is because Luca is an allegory of the acceptance of difference in the broad sense. Its interpretation can even go further than the LGBTQI + spectrum: it is an ode to the outsiders, to those who try, somehow or other, to find a place in society even if they do not fit. not in the boxes. It also contemplates the redemption of people who, until now, considered the tolerable as intolerable. Much more than“friendship story” that the director defends, Luca is an initiatory story on the deconstruction of prejudices. And for that, we loved it.

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