Was Louise Bourgoin pregnant during the filming of the film?

Broadcast tonight on Canal +, The Dreamed Child is a captivating drama in which Louise Bourgoin and Jalil Lespert live an irrational passion that will have consequences for those around them.

Released on October 7, 2020 at theaters, the film The dreamed child had a career cut short by the second lockdown which forced theaters to close their doors less than a month later, on October 30. This is the fourth feature film by director Raphaël Jacoulot, after notably Before dawn (2011) with the late Jean-Pierre Bacri. In The dreamed child, he is attached to a forest melodrama which owes a lot to his trio of actors: Louise Bourgoin, Jalil Lespert and Mélanie Doutey. The story: in the Jura, François (Jalil Lespert) and Noémie (Mélanie Doutey) are at the head of a family sawmill. The couple tries, without success, to have a child and Noémie gradually thinks about adopting. But everything is turned upside down when Patricia (Louise Bourgoin) comes to place an order for the house in which she has just moved with her husband Philippe (Nathan Willcocks) and their two children. François is immediately attracted to Patricia and this attraction is reciprocal. While the couple multiplies the clandestine meetings, Patricia discovers that she is pregnant with François.

A film with very personal resonances

Raphaël Jacoulot very much wanted to write a film on fatherhood, being himself the father of a family and having grown up in a rural environment, close to the one described in The dreamed child : “I am the son of farmers, a profession where the issues of succession and transmission are important. I was the eldest son but it was my brothers who took over the operation. I observed the recovery which was complicated, and I was inspired by their experience. “ One of his brothers plays the sawmill worker and the shooting took place in the director’s native region, France-Comté. Another member of the film crew saw his personal life resonate with that of the film. When Louise Bourgoin agrees to play in The dreamed child, she is not pregnant. She must however interpret the role of Patricia who becomes pregnant with her lover. But, shortly before the shooting, the former Miss Weather forecast of Canal + learns that she is expecting her second child.

A shoot adapted to Louise Bourgoin’s pregnancy

In an interview she gave us in October 2020, Louise Bourgoin recounted this happy coincidence: “He was a much wanted child but I didn’t know I was going to get pregnant right by the time I was supposed to be in the movie. I didn’t think I would be kept on set, I imagined. that it was going to be a problem and finally the production and Raphaël Jacoulot, the director, accepted that I play pregnant. They found that it would not be a brake but rather something that was going to carry us all. So we built the plan. of work around this pregnancy, which happily went well. “ For the actress, identification with her character was therefore not difficult to find: “We often try to find common points with his character and, there, it was obvious. My state of emotional feverishness also served my character, especially in the scenes that echoed what I was going to live shortly after. in my personal life. “ In a relationship since 2012 with producer and musician Tepr, Louise Bourgoin is the mother of two little boys aged 1 and 4.

The dreamed child, a film to discover on Canal +

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