7 infos on the film with Christian Clavier and Mathilde Seigner

France 2 broadcasts for the first time the comedy of Arnaud Lemort, Ibiza. It brings together for the first time Christian Clavier and Mathilde Seigner.

1 / Transporting a corpse to Ibiza

The film’s starting script, imagined by Arnaud Lemort, was a comedy that told the story of a family going down to Auvergne in order to retrieve the remains of an aunt and bring it back in a refrigerated truck. This script he was working on did not thrill producers who were willing to fund the film. The screenwriter got back to work and developed this story in Ibiza.

2 / The idea of ​​the duo

It’s the first time that Mathilde Seigner and Christian Clavier play together. Yet the actors have known each other for years. The idea for this amazing duo was proposed by their agent. She works for the two actors: while reading the script, she blew this suggestion to the director.

3 / Ibiza from start to finish

Unlike other productions that shoot sets elsewhere that they pass off as Ibiza, here, the whole team only shot on the island. All the sets are located there. The actors and technicians therefore stayed five weeks in the Balearic Islands to put this comedy in a box.

4 / When Christian Clavier suggests JoeyStarr

After having read the final version of the screenplay, Christian Clavier submitted the name of Joeystarr to embody the role of the nightclub boss. ” I have always found him to be a very good actor. We had crossed paths on TV sets and I had met a smart boy, interesting in his provocative air. So, as long as you think about who could play as the boss of a club like Ushuaia in Ibiza, JoeyStarr’s name is absolutely believable! He was perfect »Explains the actor.

5 / David Guetta absent

Originally, the DJ had to be present to make an appearance in his own role. Scheduling problems prevented the musician from going on set. On the other hand, his ex-wife, Cathy, plays a small role. Arnaud Lemort has known them since their beginnings. He was then a waiter when the tandem was at the beginnings of its history.

6 / Ibiza, behind the cliché

Far from looking like a giant nightclub, Ibiza conceals unsuspected places. ” There, unlike the clichés, there are very few places dedicated to the party »Explains the director. ” There are many sublime coves, peaceful villages or more classic concrete seaside. In short, Ibiza is a very diverse island but overall the spirit is very healthy.“.

7 / Attentive residents of the place

On site, the inhabitants of Ibiza are keen to conserve the riches of their island. Arnaud Lemort explained when the film came out that he ” you have to have some kind of local production network that puts you in touch with the right people. The inhabitants are very respectful of their land, of their coastline ”.

Ibiza, summary of a heavyweight comedy

Philippe and Carole, both divorced, have just met. Very much in love, Philippe is ready to do anything to put Carole’s two teenagers in his pocket. He offers a deal to the eldest son: if he has his baccalaureate, it is he who chooses their vacation spot. And it will be Ibiza! But for Philippe, more used to peaceful holidays in the Baie de Somme, it is a real shock.

Ibiza, Sunday July 4 at 9:05 p.m. on France 2

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