Chris McKay Still Hopes To Make His Movie “Nightwing”

Director Chris McKay, responsible for the new action film in the Amazon Prime catalog, “The Tomorrow War,” has indicated that he still hopes his film focuses on one of DC Comics’ most popular vigilantes: Nightwing. Dick Grayson began his fight against crime as the first to take on the role of Robin alongside Batman.

Over time, after several years of fighting alongside Gotham City’s Dark Knight, Grayson decides to go his own way as Nightwing, becoming a hero of great popularity among DC readers. In 2017, after directing “The Lego Batman Movie” for Warner Bros. Pictures, McKay signed an agreement with the studio to give Nightwing his own film, which would be written by Bill Dubuque (The Accountant).

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Chris McKay had described the film as “a thrilling action flick,” and while Warner hasn’t officially canceled the project, the studio doesn’t see it as one of his immediate priorities the same as the others. productions inspired by DC Comics. , like “The Batman”, “Black Adam” or the sequel to “Aquaman”.

“’Nightwing” is still a movie that I really want to make. I love the character of Dick Grayson as a young adult, becoming his own superhero style, ”McKay commented in a recent conversation with Variety while promoting“ The Tomorrow War ”. “It was going to be a father-son story and also a revenge movie, which really turned me on because there was so much going on in this script. ”

McKay points out that the tape was going to get very primitive in the best sense of the word. When asked if “Nightwing” was still in the works for the project to take off, the director assures us that it is not yet a “firm commitment” for Warner Bros.

Hope this is something we can still do. It has not been a priority these days. I hope this will become a priority soon. It would be my favorite thing to be able to do that.

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In a previous conversation with The Bear Cave, Chris McKay said that “Nightwing” was an introduction to the character and world of Blüdhaven, Grayson’s base of operations near Gotham City. As well as anticipating the presence of many villains he’s faced in the comics, the director described it as “a character study of this guy who grew up with some sort of bad father,” in reference to the role. by Bruce Wayne. like her adoptive father, although it hasn’t been fully decided whether the character will appear onscreen or not.

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