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Are you looking for a great movie to watch to end the weekend on a high note? That’s good, since OCS offers the broadcast of the excellent “Capharnaüm”. It is a poignant dramatic film which was released in theaters in October 2018 and which at the time met with enormous success which even allowed the film to win the jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Capharnaüm, film available in streaming on OCS

A work that was created and produced by the Lebanese filmmaker Nadine Labaki who has accustomed us to films recounting the hard life of her native country as what we have already seen in her other feature films, “Et Now We Go or ? ”Or“ The Singer of Gaza ”. What does the director have in store for us in this film?

“Capernaum”, what is it talking about?

As specified above, this is the latest dramatic film by Lebanese filmmaker Nadine Labaki who managed to seduce the public when it was released in the cinema, but also the juries of the Cannes Film Festival. A feature film that she certainly did not imagine arousing so much the interest of viewers and even the press.

Capernaum OCS

This time, Labaki takes us to discover the harsh reality of the daily life of the poorest people in Lebanon, people considered invisible, outcasts of society, but who are there and are very numerous. It is in this context that we are led to follow the incredible and poignant story of Zain, a 12-year-old boy in search of an identity who does not want this miserable life imposed on him. The beginning of the film shows us precisely the young boy in front of the judge in a court when he is asked the question: “Why are you suing your parents? “, Zain then replies:” For giving me life! “.

Capernaum OCS

A scene which made the success of the film and which shows how much the young boy feels trapped in his situation. Indeed, her family, which is very large, is crammed into a small, insanitary apartment and survives from expedients. Zain and his 11-year-old sister do not go to school for lack of funds and have to do odd jobs every day at the neighborhood grocer. In addition, the two children are also forced to traffic tramadol, which their mother distils in bottles which they then resell in the street for a bite of bread.

Capernaum OCS

In short, a life of total misery, whether material or emotional, which will become more difficult for Zain when his parents decide to give his younger sister to the grocer to marry her. The straw that breaks the camel’s back for the boy who decides to flee his family for a better life and find happiness elsewhere. Will he succeed in changing his destiny? We let you discover it this evening on OCS.

The cast and characters of the film

This incredible story by Nadine Labaki would not have been so successful without the incredible talent of the actors who managed to bring the characters to life. “Capernaum” has precisely allowed to reveal to the whole world two talented actors, the young Zain Al-Rafeea who plays here Zain, the young boy investigates a better life and Kawthar Al-Haddad, who plays the young Eritrean mother whom Zain meets during his journey called Souad.

Capernaum OCS

In addition to the fact that the Lebanese filmmaker succeeded in addressing the very precarious situation of her country in her film, it is mainly thanks to these two actors that the feature film succeeded in so much impressing the juries of the Cannes Film Festival. By their side we also have the young Cedra Izam as Sahar, Fadi Youssef as Selim, Yordanos Shifera as Rahil and Alaa ChouchNyie as Aspro.

Go to OCS to see “Capernaum” if you have nothing planned to experience a great moment in cinema.

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