the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival promises Fanny Ardant, Pierre Niney, Romain Duris …

By Émilien Gomez-Cabot

The programming of the 14th edition of the meeting, which will honor the seventh Algerian art, was revealed on Monday. Ten films will be in competition. Screened in preview, “Eiffel” with Romain Duris will be the opening event

This Monday, July 5, a little over a month and a half before its holding (August 24 to 29, 2021), the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival (FFA), the fourteenth of the name, unveiled some of its strengths. For the first time, the program was announced in Merpins, a neighboring village of Cognac, in the gardens of the prestigious Villevert spirits house, historic partner of the festival, to show that Cognac and its great houses are also stakeholders in the cultural event of the year – with comics – in Charente.

Dominique Besnehard and Marie-France Brière, the co-founders and general delegates of the FFA gave the broad outlines of the 2021 edition. Including the ten films in competition. “For the first time”, the two acolytes already had everything in the boxes, despite “some hesitation”. “The selection was very complicated, these are really great films”, assures Dominique Besnehard.

60 films

Thus, the jury chaired by Nicole Garcia (composed in particular of the rapper Oxmo Puccino, the actor Reda Kateb or the journalist, Charentaise by adoption, Leila Kaddour-Boudadi) will have to award the Valois diamond for best film among these features. films: “Black Box”, “The Way to Happiness”, “The Survivors”, “Legionnaires”, “The Night of the Kings”, “Little Nature”, “Rose”, “The True Family”, “A Revision” and “A story of love and desire”. All of these works have in common that they relate to social issues, that they are made to reflect and move.

“The selection was very complicated, these are really great films”

In total, nearly 60 films will be screened during this festival which will showcase Algerian cinema. Among the previews, “Eiffel” will make the event during the opening ceremony. “It’s a world premiere,” insists Dominique Besnehard. For the producer, Angoulême holds there a “great popular film” which “will go around the world”.

“Eiffel” and Romain Duris will make the event during the opening ceremony.

“Eiffel” and Romain Duris will make the event during the opening ceremony.

Photo credit: JOHN THYS / AFP

On the screen to play Gustave Eiffel, Romain Duris should be in the Angoulême city to present the film, which traces the history of the creation of the famous tower. Should, because the organizers were careful not to give the names of the personalities who will be in Charente at the end of August. “All those who have roles in films will be there,” displays Dominique Besnehard, who also promises Pierre Niney, Fanny Ardant (for “Lola Pater”), Sabine Azéma and other Mélanie Thierry. “There may even be surprises. “

Health pass

Health crisis requires, there is only an audience protected from Covid-19 who will be able to see these stars up close that we only see on the big screen or on TV. To access the festival sites (25 euros for ten entries), you will need to present a health pass proving that you have been completely vaccinated, tested negatively 48 hours earlier or that you are immunized. On the gauge side, the organizers, who hoped to fill the rooms to 100% of their capacity, are watching with concern the evolution of the epidemic and the Delta variant. In a normal year, the east of the Charente welcomes between 45 and 50,000 curious at the end of summer.

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