Casting: extras wanted for a film with Ramzy in Marseille!

MCE TV offers you a new cast. Indeed, Ramzy Bedia is looking for extras and silhouettes for a film.

As part of the filming Youssef with Ramzy Bedia, the Cast Prod team are looking for extras in Marseille. MCE TV gives you all the information related to the casting.

Who can apply for the casting?

The first role is that of Djibril. He will play Ramzy Bedia’s brother. He is a Maghrebian, 17/19 years old. The Cast Prod team specifies that he must be charismatic, seductive, plump, and preferably have a Marseille accent.

The second role is that of Hakim. He will play Ramzy Bedia’s second brother. He is a 25-year-old homosexual man from the Maghreb. This time, the Cast Prod team is not expecting any particular profile. However, a Marseille accent is welcome. In addition, the extra must be able to improvise.

At the same time, the Cast Prod team needs an Algerian aged 18/25. The announcement specifies that the man must be charismatic and accept nudity. He will play an illegitimate couple in Algeria in 1980. But that’s not all. The extra must have a passport, because the shooting will take place in Algiers for this role.

The Cast Prod team is therefore also looking for an Algerian 18/25 years old, beautiful girl, thin, charismatic, who also accepts nudity. She will play an illegitimate couple in Algeria in 1980, with the previous one appearing. It will have to have a passport, for the same reasons.

For this casting, Ramzy Bedia is also looking for silhouettes. The announcement specifies: Four candidates from Koh-Lanta. It can be both men and women. Regardless of age, origin or build.

The penultimate role concerns Aïda, Mouss’s wife. She must be 35 years old, be North African and will play a loving mother.

Finally, the last role of this casting is that of Karima, a prostitute. She must be 17/18 years old, be North African with forms, beautiful and charismatic. MCE TV tells you more.

Casting: extras wanted for a film with Ramzy in Marseille!
Casting: extras wanted for a film with Ramzy in Marseille!

How to apply

First of all, it should be noted that the filming of the film takes place in Marseille, in September. As for the casting, it will take place on July 13, 14 and 15 in the same city. So we have to act quickly!

Continuing our reading, we understand that the ad requires that the extras live in Marseille. If not, then there is no point in applying. Likewise, any incomplete application will not be processed. So be careful!

Now you are wondering how to go about applying for the casting? It’s simple. Please send an email to the following address:

Put in the subject line the role you are applying for. Then send three current, simple, natural photos of yourself. This goes without saying without snap filter, of course.

Rename photos by: Name, First name, Age, Height, Phone and City. If you cannot rename them: put your information “Last name First name age Size Phone City” in the email.

Finally, send a video of 30 second presentation made with your phone. So what are you waiting for? It might be the luck of your life. Or in any case, a very good experience!

Visit the Cast Prod website for more info on the casting.