The Little Things Movie Review – Denzel Washington, amazing performance makes movie better

When the movie The Little Things was first announced by the creators, it was something everyone was talking about. The show already features Ram Malik, Denzel Washington and Jared Leto who are well-known artists who have already won a Grammy recently. His series, Mr. Robot was already going very well and the fans were really excited about this new movie.

With all three of the show’s superstars, fans were genuinely excited about this crime movie. As the genre is already popular and recently we have come across a lot of series that revolve around criminal theory and become an absolute favorite among people. Mindhunter is one of those series which is appreciated for its superb screenplay.

As the film has already been announced, it will take a few more months to finally release. Everyone expected a little more from the Little Things. The film contains a lot of emotions in the audience. But, in reality, a lot of people get mean and don’t find it very interesting.

With a lot of crime thrillers already in the industry, the director should have thought outside the box to make the series a lot more interesting.

In this article, we’ll talk about my absolute review of this movie and what I thought it was. I will also discuss the opinions and comments of the actors and you will find out what the movie actually looks like. If you are someone looking for the movie, keep reading this article until the end.

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The Little Things – My Ultimate Review

updating the little things

The film was released in 2021 under the direction of John Lee Hancock. The movie already had a lot of expectations with all the absolutely perfect actors. I was already thrilled that Washington would return in the black suit and solve some of the great mysteries through this film.

Crime series are already a hot trend and many shows are creating their own stories to attract viewers. In all of this chaos, people expect this movie to be different.

The first half of the movie was awesome and I thought the show would have something great at the end. The show surely raised my hopes but it turns out not to be so amazing. As it began to end, there is no perfect ending that satisfies the audience’s needs.

Surely the action from Washington was something that made the show even more amazing just by her, the script, Ummm..not so great.

Plus, as the name of the movie suggests, the little things take on all the little things that can be overlooked throughout the movie. John Lee tried very hard to maintain the current trend of suspension and thriller at the same time, but it failed. The film did not go according to the director’s expectations.

Some of the highlights that add to the film are Washington’s performance and LA’s incredible visuals and screen. Whereas Ram Malik averaged throughout the movie, but in the end, his character developed in a truly amazing way. It could also be that we are used to his heartfelt, gentle playing on the show.

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The Little Things – What does the reviewer say about this film?

the review of the little things

Critics rated the film with low marks and criticized everything from the uninspiring storyline to the unwelcome ending. The uneven plot running through the story doesn’t make the story great. Additionally, audiences had high expectations of the cast as they are already famous actors, but their greatness didn’t affect the show much.

Not all of these three actors showed their best performance at the same time. All the critics appreciated only Washington’s game. But the other two actors haven’t done much on the show.

Moreover, Washington’s performance is not enough to make a show jaw-dropping. The movie paid attention to the little things and through that they made an effort to make the show unique but it doesn’t work. Sometimes thinking differently from the other crime story doesn’t mean skipping the gist of the story. As Paul Asay said, which I completely believed, “ Small things need to pay more attention to bigger things ”.

Speaking of the ratings for this show, Common Sense Media rated the show with a 3/5 rating. Dan Jolin from Empire also said the movie was not as good as they predicted. Critics only rated the film with 2/5 ratings.

Additionally, the movie contains 45% Rotten Tomatoes and the movie’s IMDb rating is 6.3 / 10. Additionally, Metacritic rated the show with a rating of 54%.

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updating the little things

Audiences have mixed feelings for the film, but the majority of them criticized the show for not being so great. At a time when there were tons of crime films, this film was something different at first glance. Fans of this show criticized the writer for not maintaining the suspense and being overcooked.

On the other hand, a lot of people enjoyed the show for being an absolute classic and the great acting. Even liked how the writer continued to maintain the phase. He surely pays attention to the little things in the film.

Plus, the movie tells us how we should pay more attention to the little things in life that can have a huge impact on life.


The little things that have come out this year have been the subject of some discussion lately. Fans were expecting a lot from the film but it doesn’t turn out that way. With all this hype and promotion, a lot of people think this movie is going to break the box office. But, in reality, he only made $ 40 million worldwide.

I think all of these promotions and expectations are the real reason audiences don’t like the show very much. As they once imagined the movie was amazing and their high expectations make it bad.

Overall the movie was pretty awesome as the creator tried a little different way of making the movie. It focuses on the little things through criminal cases, but overall it was an average movie.

My grades – 3/5.

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