On TikTok, the movie “Girl in the Basement” inspires a new trend

The film “Girl in the Basement” inspired a new trend on the TikTok network, exuding empathy and benevolence. (© Natalia-stock.adobe.com)

Warning, sensitive soul to abstain. In recent weeks, if you have been a fan of TikTok social network, you have undoubtedly noticed this new trend, particularly moving, which is – more than usual – call for empathy and which makes us (a lot) relativize our problems.

On the sound “Stand Up” by Cynthia Erivo, hundreds of users raise a question they are often asked about their behavior. Internet users then take the stage to tell their life story in order to explain in the eyes of all, and to express in chain heavy traumas that they have suffered in their past.

“Why does your daughter have a school phobia?” “

Even if nothing can attest to the veracity of the evoked facts, the comments which accompany the testimonies are almost all benevolent.

Regarding her daughter’s school phobia, a mother explains, for example: “It all started when she was three years old…” She recounts hereafter here:

@ eyesbleus75 Dsl it’s still hard 🥺 thank you for being there we love you ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🙏🏼 ♬ his original – Léa Meyer de Beco

@ justenousmemes57 What will Madam say ?? #pourtoi #fyp #histoirevrai #pasfacile ♬ original sound – Léa Meyer de Beco

@amput_girl Part 1 💔 Want part 2? IG: amput_girl #pourtoi ♬ original sound – Léa Meyer de Beco

“Girl in the Basement”

This is “Girl in the Basement” (“The Girl in the Basement”), an American film by Elisabeth Röhm released in February 2021 and only available for rental in France on Amazon Prime Video, which is at the origin of this phenomenon. Inspired by the true story by Elisabeth Fritlz, “Girl in the Basement” tells the story of a teenage girl locked up shortly before his 18th birthday and for 20 years by his controlling father, in the basement from their house.

The film sparked anger and outrage over this young girl’s story, and little by little, on TikTok, users began to share their stories as well. difficult stories, and how they managed to break free from their past and overcome their trauma.

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The principle of resilience

“This trend was sorely lacking in positivity, so there you go, ”for example wrote a user in the legend of her TikTok who has counted more than 335,000 likes. After defeating his alcohol addictions and drugs, suffered sexual harassment and overcame her depression, she eventually managed to start a family.

@ esther.bbt This trend was hugely lacking in positivity so here it is ✨ be strong ❤️ and thank you again for being there ♬ its original – Léa Meyer de Beco

What is the principle of resilience?

The principle of resilience, widely made famous following the book Un superbe malheur, by Boris Cyrulnik (2002), is the capacity that certain individuals have to overcome various traumas they have experienced (early mourning, abandonment, abuse, sexual violence, war…). The neuropsychiatrist defines the principle of resilience as “the ability to succeed, live and develop positively, in a socially acceptable manner, despite stress or adversity which normally carries the serious risk of a negative outcome”.

@ anna..officiel Maman je t’aime 😍 #pourtoi #cancer #disease ♬ original sound – Léa Meyer de Beco

As for the song “Stand Up” chosen by the members of TikTok, it belongs to the soundtrack of the film “Harriet”, also taken from a true story, that of Harriet Tubman who helped more than a hundred slaves to flee the South of the United States after having escaped herself in 1849. The choice of this song, interpreted by the actress Cynthia Erivo who also plays the role of Harriet in the eponymous film, takes on its full significance here meaning.

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