the opening of the film has been changed because of George Lucas

Brian De Palma directed the franchise’s first installment Impossible mission. And it is with the advice of George Lucas that he organized the debut of his film.

The saga Impossible mission is THE franchise of Tom Cruise, his little baby that he is not about to drop. While Christopher McQuarrie will be back directing Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8, other great directors have embarked on extraordinary missions.

Indeed, if you have in mind the motorcycles of John Woo in Mission: Impossible 2 or the Dubai Tower in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol directed by Brad Bird, you inevitably have the helicopter sequence with Jean Reno, filmed by Brian De Palma in your memories.

photo, Ving Rhames, Jean Reno“You are in the movie brother!”

The director of Carrie at the devil’s ball and of Scarface had fun launching hostilities with Impossible mission. A true tribute to Hitchcock’s mastery, Brian De Palma has left his mark on each shot. And despite the presence of Jean Reno and his knife, the filmmaker has succeeded in perfectly combining high standards and great spectacle for our greatest pleasure. However, this exemplary clarity could very well have had a small task without the support of George Lucas, creator of the saga. Star wars and friend of Brian De Palma.

At the start of the feature film, Ethan Hunt and his team complete a mission to Kiev before embarking on a new mission to Prague led by Jim Phelps (Jon Voight). Between these two great sequences, Brian De Palma integrated the preparation of the second mission and took the opportunity to present all the characters. Nevertheless, it is thanks to George Lucas that we have this presentation scene as revealed by Brian De Palma during an episode of the podcast. Light the fuse :

“When George saw Mission: Impossible, he said, ‘There’s no set-up to your thing. You’ve got to set the scene! You got to have this scene where they’re all sitting around. the table and everyone gets their instructions on what’s going to happen. ” “

photo, Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Emmanuelle BéartThe Ecran Large team is working hard

Just as Brian De Palma did during the production days of the first Star wars, George Lucas did not take a glove on the work of his friend and precisely on what does not work. In hindsight, George Lucas quite rightly saw the lack of context, despite the structure of the film more complex than usual. Brian De Palma therefore listened to his friend’s advice and got back to work by calling his whole team back to shoot the sequence:

“At first we had a very strange scene – it’s hard for me to remember today – but I believe there was Jon Voight, who was jealous to see his wife and Tom (Cruise) so relatives. Then we entered the first mission. And when George saw the movie, that’s the first thing he said, “What are these people doing? It’s Mission: Impossible, it’s a group that’s going to do something! You absolutely have to bring them together. from a table and tell the audience what they’re supposed to do! ” So that’s what we did. We went back to production and we shot this scene … “


“Jean, you’re not killing George OK!”

Ultimately, this attentive listening on the part of De Palma helped to start an exceptional saga of action cinema, which is still enduring today. Note all the same that the romance that we never see between Ethan Hunt and Claire Phelps (Emmanuelle Béart) could very well have been more explicit thanks to the original opening of the film. However, this remains an unimportant detail on the continuation of the adventures of our favorite American spy.

According to the latest news, Tom Cruise’s next mission had stopped production of the film until June 14 because of the pandemic. In any case Mission: Impossible 7 is always advertised for May 25, 2022 at the cinema in France. Until then, you can find our file on the positive (and negative) points of each of the films of the saga. Impossible mission.

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