The tickets for the premiere of the film “Kaamelott” at the castle of Murol (Puy-de-Dôme) taken by storm in 30 minutes

This Wednesday, at noon, the servers that host the website of the castle of Murol have totally exploded. More than 2,000 simultaneous connections to try to see, as a user said on the Facebook page of the place “THE film, in THE castle”. “In thirty minutes, there was nothing left. We knew that there was an important fan base around Kaamelott but we did not expect that, even if we are delighted. It’s incredible,” said himself. rejoiced this Wednesday afternoon Marine-Alice Poizot, the director of the castle of Murol.

The sessions of July 21 and 22 are also full

After hosting the shooting during the winter of 2019, the structure was pleased to be offered a preview screening on Tuesday, July 20, the day before the film’s national release. The 450 seats for each of the two additional sessions, also scheduled for the evenings of July 21 and 22, did not last longer, leaving many spectators disappointed, as evidenced by the hundreds of comments left on the castle’s Facebook page.

“We are sad for those who did not have a place because we would have liked to welcome everyone, but we will try to see if we can not organize ourselves differently to be able to install more people, and thus put back some places for sale “

Marine-Alice Poizot (Director of the Château de Murol)

A preview of the film Kaamelott on Tuesday July 20 at the castle of Murol (Puy-de-Dôme)

Among the lucky ones, “many Puydômois, but also quite a few vacationers”, the ticket also giving the right to an entry to visit the site.
For the Château de Murol team, there are now a dozen days left to organize themselves in order to properly welcome the Kaamelott fans. The stands usually reserved for the horse show at the castle will be filled by spectators and a space will be dedicated to those wishing to watch the film in their armchair or in their chilean. The giant screen will be installed just in front of the facade of the castle. Ideal to take full eyes. “It’s going to do a lot of work, in an already busy enough period, but it’s a nice challenge”, enthuses the director of the castle.

Maxime Escot

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