The most popular movies and series on Netflix in June

“Lucifer” continues to thrill Netflix subscribers. The series, launched by the Fox channel in 2016 and then picked up by the platform from season 4, was the most popular program in France in June, according to data from FlixPatrol. The series, whose Season 5 ending went live on May 28, topped Netflix’s daily charts for seven straight days in June. In second place, we find a novelty, the fantastic series “Sweet Tooth”, which for its part placed at the top of the daily top for four days.

On the cinema side, the most popular film of the month is “Le Dragon-Génie”, a new animated feature film produced by Sony. A success which confirms the interest of Netflix subscribers in children’s programs. Another popular genre on the platform: action films. For example, “Taken 3”, which dates from 2015 but was only added to Netflix last month, is the third most popular feature film in June.

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FlixPatrol uses the top 10 updated daily by Netflix by giving a number of points to each movie and series according to its place in the ranking. By adding these points, the site can give a trend over a period ranging from a week to a year.

Based on data from FlixPatrol, Business Insider France has compiled a top 10 comprising both films and series which, while it does not accurately show how many people have watched them, gives an indication of which most popular programs of the month.

Here are the most popular movies and series in France on Netflix in May:

10 tied. ‘Vikings’ – Series

Points: 106

Synopsis: “This realistic series focuses on the exploits of the hero Ragnar Lothbrok who aspires to extend Viking power in favor of a leader lacking political vision.”

10 tied. ‘Poor doggie!’ – Movie

Points: 106

Synopsis: “The life of Terreur, a pampered little dog, is turned upside down when he gets lost and has to fend for himself in the maze of the big city.”

9. ‘Who killed Sara?’ – Series

Points: 110

Synopsis: “After 18 years in prison, Alex takes revenge against the Lazcano family, whose members wrongly accused him of murdering his sister Sara to preserve their reputation.”

8. ‘It’ – Movie

Points: 114

Synopsis: “As other young people disappear, sidelined children face their greatest fears in the guise of a terrifying murderous clown.”

6 tie. ‘Elite’ – Series

Points: 120

Synopsis: “When three working-class teens enter an elite school in Spain, the gulf between them and wealthy students leads to the worst of tragedies.”

6 tie. ‘Unparalleled Dad’ – Film

Points: 120

Synopsis: “Widowed, a young father faces doubts, anxieties, grief, diapers and bottles as he raises his daughter on his own. Inspired by a true story.”

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5. ‘Taken 3’ – Movie

Points: 127

Synopsis: “Accused of murder, former secret agent Bryan Mills must use his well-honed skills to stay alive, protect his family, and prove his innocence.”

4. ‘The Dragon-Genius’ – Series

Points: 155

Synopsis: “Wishing to reconnect with his childhood friend, Din, a lively teenager, meets a wish-granting dragon-genius who reveals the magic of the possible to him.”

3. ‘Lupine’ – Series

Points: 175

Synopsis: “Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupine, the gentleman burglar Assane Diop decides to avenge his father for a terrible injustice.”

2. ‘Sweet Tooth’ – Series

Points: 199

Synopsis: “In a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger, an adorable half-stag, half-boy creature longs for a new beginning alongside a gruff protector.”

1. ‘Lucifer’ – Series

Points: 228

Synopsis: “Tired of being Lord of the Underworld, the devil moved to Los Angeles where he opened a nightclub and made friends with a policewoman from the crime squad.”

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