VIDEO. A filmmaker from L’Aigle awarded for a film on Greenland

Ségolène Cavelot and Stéphanie Ballay win a prize in the ecotourism and responsible travel category
Ségolène Cavelot and Stéphanie Ballay win a prize in the ecotourism and responsible travel category

The least we can say is that this prize was a great reward, but also a big surprise for Stéphanie Ballay, videographer at L’Aigle (Orne), and Ségolène Cavelot, artist from Périgueux.

When Stephanie Ballay registered the film From wonder comes respect at Deauville Green Awards, the international festival of audiovisual productions for sustainable development and social responsibility, she didn’t think she would win anything.

“I told myself that if he was selected for the final, it was already great,” she laughs. “My goal was to highlight Ségolène’s message and artistic approach, and to give visibility to her association. “

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An unexpected encounter

What was the astonishment and the joy of the two women to win, on June 17, 2021, the gold trophy in the category of ecotourism and responsible travel. “First expedition, first report, first participation and gold prize… I don’t realize yet”, declares Segolene Cavelot on Facebook, the day the results were announced.

Their film, From wonder comes respect, is the result of an unexpected collaboration. Ségolène Cavelot is an artist from Périgueux, graduated from Boulle school. She created in 2019 the association The expeditions of the tower of the angels, intended to raise public awareness of the beauties of the planet.

Stephanie Ballay, meanwhile, is a videographer from L’Aigle (Orne), known under the pseudonym of The historian. Since 2014, she has been making videos for associations, traders and very small businesses (TPE), with the aim of promoting people in front of the camera.

A committed message, without judgment

Following the viewing of one of Stéphanie Ballay’s productions, Ségolène Cavelot contacted her and offered to edit the images she wanted to shoot in Greenland. The artist was going in residence for a month in March 2020 in the village Akunnaaq, located in the south of the island, always with an artistic and committed approach: making people marvel at the environment, so that they want to protect it. A stay that she extended for an additional month due to the pandemic and confinement.

“When she contacted me, I accepted immediately,” says the videographer. For her, no frustration at not having shot these images.

I fully share Ségolène’s point of view. His message is important, it is non-judgmental and there is no injunction. And the project allowed me to discover part of Greenland without actually being there.

Stephanie BallayL’Aigle videographer

“A good video is not necessarily a good video”

Ségolène Cavelot therefore shot the images with a camera, a small portable camera and a smartphone. “For the editing, I also used the transcripts from his travel diaries. “

The result is a movie, From wonder comes respect, which accompanies the exhibition of the same name, organized at the Museum of Art and Archeology of Périgueux, from July 15 to September 21, 2020.

A little less than a year later, the work wins the gold trophy. A reward that Stéphanie Ballay attributes to the strong message conveyed by the film.

I often say this to the people I work with. A good video doesn’t have to be a great video, it has to make sense.

Stephanie BallayL’Aigle videographer

According to her, the most striking image of the film is thus that of an orange in front of the ice floe. A fruit that does not grow on the spot, but that the inhabitants import because fishing becomes regulated. “This passage shows that we are imposing our Western ecological model on them. “

The film From wonder comes respect is the first collaboration between two women, but perhaps not the last. Ségolène Cavelot is embarking on a tour of Dordogne this year and wishes to meet people who live differently. A new video, edited by L’Historienne, could well emerge from this trip.

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