The Incredibles 2 on Disney +: 5 things to know about the Pixar movie

The Incredibles 2 is finally available on Disney +. To celebrate the arrival of the Pixar animated film on the platform, spotlight on this second thrilling adventure featuring the essential family of superheroes!


Available now on the platform Disney +, The Incredibles 2 was a hit at the global box office when it was released in theaters in the summer of 2018. Fourteen years after the first opus crowned best animated film at the 2005 Oscars, this new adventure of the Parr family instantly conquered the public!

Applauded by spectators and critics, the animated film Pixar has thus exceeded the symbolic level of one billion dollars in revenue (1.243 billion dollars to be precise). An impressive sum that still ranks it today among the biggest box office successes in the world, between the live-action Beauty and the Beast and Fast & Furious 8.

The Incredibles 2 is also the 3rd biggest animation success to date behind Frozen and Frozen II.

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1h58 is the exact length of The Incredibles 2 animated film, making it the longest film in Pixar studios history. In comparison, Toy Story 4, Soul or Luca do not exceed the threshold of 1:45.

This screen time is however perfectly exploited to stage this second stunning adventure of the famous family of superheroes. Supercharged and thrilling, you won’t be bored for a minute in front of this feature film!


For the music of the film, the team of Incredibles 2 turned to a real cador: the composer Michael Giacchino, awarded an Oscar and a Golden Globe in 2010 for the soundtrack of Up there.

After a remarkable debut in video game music, the American has collaborated on many series, such as Lost or Alias, and films, including the successes Jurassic World, Spider-Man: Homecoming or Jojo Rabbit. The Incredibles 2 is the seventh Pixar film for which he composes the music, after Ratatouille, Vice Versa and Coco.

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As surprising as it may seem, Brad Bird lends his voice in the original version to… Edna Mode! If the director of the two films of the franchise The Incredibles wanted to offer this role to Lily Tomlin, it was ultimately him who had fun dubbing the famous fashion designer behind the costumes of the Parr family.

In the French version, spectators will recognize the voice of star Amanda Lear, accompanied on this second opus by Gérard Lanvin and Louane Emera.


Particular care is given to the smallest details in The Incredibles 2. The outfits of each character, for example, perfectly reflect their personality, and sometimes even their mood. Bob’s wardrobe, alias Mr. Incredible, thus varies from neutral colors when he is tired to brighter shades when he regains his self-confidence!

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Thanks to the 14 years between the release of the two films, the hair of the Parr family has also been completely reworked on this opus to appear more natural and realistic. Violette’s hairstyle remains a real challenge for the film crews. “Her hair is the most difficult thing to represent in terms of image synthesis,” Simulation supervisor Tiffany Erickson Klohn explained when the film was released.

A meticulous work to (re) discover now in The Incredibles 2, available on the Disney + platform.

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