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In the cold with Kool Shen (which he recently treated “Asshole”), JoeyStarr confided in RAPRNB during his visit to the Monte-Carlo Television Festival. The opportunity to take stock of all his projects, film and TV, a few days to walk the red carpet in Cannes to present Supreme, the NTM biopic, slated to hit theaters on November 24.

RAPRNB: It must be flattering to see your story told in a biopic?
JoeyStarr: What is flattering is the level of engagement of the actors. Théo Christine and Sandor Funtek are neither musicians nor rappers. And the director Audrey Estrougo decided to make them rap. They’re the ones who rap all the songs. They had 2 years of prep, and the guys were super generous. The rendering is incredible, even me, it messes my hair. Afterwards, it’s very weird to see your story told in a movie. Seeing the pictures, I felt like I was at my mother’s house where there are all the photos of my brothers and me. We have the impression of being in a mausoleum, we have the impression that we are dead!

joeystarr ntm supreme actors
Théo Christine (24 years old) and Sandor Funtek (31 years old), in the shoes of Joey and Neshé

“They’re the ones who rap all the songs…”

RAPRNB: You were worried about the rendering of Supreme ?
I wasn’t too worried with Audrey Estrougo at the helm. I found her very reassuring in the way she worked. She did not give up, whether in terms of casting, directing, lights, she really got involved. By taking screenwriter Marcia Romano, she also armed herself well. I found it funny to find myself with 2 chicks to work on this project.

RAPRNB: Regarding the casting, did you have a say in choosing the actor to play your role?
JoeyStarr: No, I let people work. I only intervened when asked, as a consultant. I only imposed Cut Killer for the music of the film. For the rest, I let them work.

RAPRNB: Have you thought about recording a new NTM song for the soundtrack?
JoeyStarr: Listen, no. There is one, he didn’t want to

ntm joeystarr ntm supremes kool shen
Kool Shen and Sandor Funtek

RAPRNB: Kool Shen got involved in Supreme ?
JoeyStarr: He no longer mounted his serial project (The world of tomorrow, Editor’s note). For the film, Audrey came to see me. Of course, we also put Kool Shen as a consultant on the film. But he worked on his project alongside, with the series.

RAPRNB: The goal of this series is to transcribe an era, the beginnings of hip-hop in France in the 80s, more than to tell the story of the group NTM?
JoeyStarr: It is above all the story of 4 trajectories: Kool Shen, JoeyStarr, Lady V and Dee Nasty, which end up collapsing at the end in the hip-hop microcosm of the time …

Sully Sefil and JoeyStarr rap to the glory of the capital on Paris is Magic [Son]

RAPRNB: You know where they are with the shooting of the World of tomorrow ?
JoeyStarr: They finished filming at the beginning of June. It had been running since February. What more can I tell you? They must have returned the first episodes in November, so it will be for 2022. I’m waiting to see what it will give because there are a lot of images…

RAPRNB: To return to Supreme, could this biopic be a way to end the NTM adventure?
JoeyStarr: But we don’t need your agreement to close anything, we. No, it is important not to see things like that. The film is one thing, the NTM adventure is another.

RAPRNB: Do you have other projects that you are preparing for the cinema?
JoeyStarr: Yes, there is something in preparation, which is still in writing, with Olivier Marchal (36 Quai des Goldsmiths, Mobsters, Fastlife, Bronx or Ibiza already with JoeyStarr, Editor’s note). I have a film that is going to be shot in the Reunion Island bush, a kind of thriller. I also have another project – we’ll see if it’s done – on a guy called Marny, a Martinican who was the oldest convict in France until his death. (in 2011, Editor’s note).

joeystarr ntm supremes
JoeyStarr and Théo Christine on the set of Suprêmes

“We don’t need your agreement to close anything, we.

RAPRNB: On TV, we’ll also see you again as a French teacher, after the audience card Substitute on TF1 …
JoeyStarr: Yeah, we’re shooting the next episodes in July and November. After that, I don’t have more details on the exact number of episodes. My status is very precarious. There, we have cardboard, but we can not know what will happen next.

RAPRNB: In the series, you terrorize the high school principal, but the housewife under 50 really liked your character. The JoeyStarr who frightened France, has become the JoeyStarr who seduces the mother …
JoeyStarr: … I think Omar Sy’s days must be a lot longer than mine. To be unanimous, I am too lazy for that. But of course I enjoy doing things that work and that appeal to the greatest number of people. After that, did I go from the garbage bag for plastic in the kitchen to the lampshade you no longer look at in the living room? Perhaps…

Supreme: the release date of the biopic on NTM is known

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