Eure. Zakaria El Baialy, young actor from Gaillon, at the Cannes Film Festival for the film “Suprêmes”

At the height of his 20 years, Zakaria El Baialy, a young actor from Gaillon promised to a successful career will live his 1st Cannes Film Festival for the film
At the height of his 20 years, Zakaria El Baialy, a young actor from Gaillon promised to a successful career will experience his 1st Cannes Film Festival for the film “Suprêmes”. (© Le Démocrate Vernonnais)

We had left Zakaria El Baialy in 2019 at the end of the shooting of the feature film The son of a king.

This film, which thought it could launch his acting career, will never be released in theaters. But this disappointment did not discourage the young actor from Gaillon (Eure).

He leaves life more beautiful to devote himself to the cinema

Failing to make cinema, he is entrusted with the role of Bilal in More beautiful life, the soap opera of France 3 followed by several million viewers every evening.

After a month, he decides to quit the series abruptly.

I had a recurring role for three years but I didn’t want to have the label of the guy from Plus belle la vie. I want to break into the cinema and I was afraid it would close doors for me.

Zakaria El Baialy

Zakaria knows what he wants so when the cast of a cinematic feature film showed up, he didn’t hesitate.

The film in question is “Supreme” from the director Audrey Estrougo. An opportunity that he does not intend to let slip.

One day after my debut in Plus belle la vie I was cast for the film on the rap group NTM. I was taken, so I made the choice to focus on the cinema. What I always wanted to do.

He nevertheless keeps good memories of his express passage in Plus belle la vie. “I have kept very good relations with the actors who play Abdel and Mouss. The latter has his family who live in Évreux so we have forged real ties of friendship ”.

A new family

To integrate the cast of the film “Suprêmes”, Zakaria El Baialy has passed five castings.

It was the biggest casting in France last year. And it lasted two years. The filming of Suprêmes is the best experience I have had. I found a new family with Théo Christine (Joey Starr) and Sandor Funtek (Kool Shen). We have become like brothers.

The feature film, which hits theaters on November 24, 2021, focuses on the group’s early years, from their formation in 1988 to their first concert at the Zénith in Paris in 1992.

“In the film my name is Mehdi. I’m a guy from the crew and close to Joey Starr. I won’t say more. We’ll have to go see the film. “

Official selection in Cannes

A month ago, Zakaria learned that the film “Suprêmes” in which he had filmed had been added to the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival, which runs until July 17.

It will be screened at night during the midnight screening on the night of Saturday July 10 to Sunday July 11.

A chance that will offer Zakaria El Baialy, at the height of his 20 years, the opportunity to climb the steps of the Festival Palace.

At the end of the interview, the Gaillonnais received an SMS from the director Audrey Estrougo. This one said: “If you receive this message it is because you come to Cannes”.

Zakaria couldn’t keep still, he was like a madman. Perhaps the start of a great adventure in the 7th art.

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