5 movies that smell like summer on Netflix

From “Long live the holidays” to “Welcome aboard” through the cult “Monsieur Hulot’s Holidays”, focus on five feature films available on Netflix which smell like the summer period.

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Sixth part of the Vacation franchise, which began in 1983, the comedy Long Live the Vacation tells the story of a father who surprises his wife and two sons by offering them to go back to Walley World, known as “the favorite amusement park of American families “. But to get there, they will have to cross the whole country.

From the credits, particularly funny, the tone is set: Vive les vacances gives pride of place to schoolboy humor. It is certainly not always very fine, but we must admit that we laugh heartily at the adventures of the Griswold family, the duo composed of Ed Helms and Christina Applegate working wonderfully.

If you are fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you will also be surprised to find in the cast a hilarious Chris Hemsworth, far from his role as Thor. Finally, let us note a string of cameos including those of Regina Hall, Michael Peña and Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead series.


Buddies Forever is the story of five childhood friends who, after thirty years without seeing each other, get together to share a weekend with women and children. Their relationships pick up where they left off three decades earlier, and they quickly discover that getting older doesn’t necessarily mean growing up …

Nice cast for this schoolboy comedy which notably brings together the heavyweights of the US comedy Adam Sandler and Chris Rock but also Salma Hayek. Note that this feature film written in part by Sandler will have a sequel in 2013, entitled Friends forever 2 and also available on Netflix.

MILF (2018)

Warning: scenes, words or images may offend the sensitivity of the spectators.

Three childhood friends go to the South to empty the house of one of them in order to sell it. During these few days, they will become the privileged targets of three young boys, for whom these single women, approaching forty, are much more attractive than girls of their age … Cécile, Sonia and Elise discover with happiness that they are MILF!

With MILF, the director Axelle Laffont, surrounded on the screen by Virginie Ledoyen and Marie-Josée Croze, wanted to offer a carnal and sensual film. She explains : “I wanted freedom, freedom of vacation, summer, desires and bodies. The choice of light and decorations obviously helped to go in this direction. I wanted to” restore “the image of women 40 years and over, not yet highlighted enough in our time in my opinion. “


Welcome aboard, this is the story of a HRD of a large shipping company who made the mistake of choosing her boss for her lover. Before embarking on the inaugural cruise of the flagship of the fleet, the latter decides to disembark it from his life and his job …

It was while watching a television report on cruises that director Eric Lavaine wanted to make a film on the subject. After having experienced such a sea trip himself with his scriptwriter, he realizes that far from the old-fashioned image they convey, stays at sea are pleasant, fun and likely to bring together the same people. , every day, in the same places, for several weeks, almost like a closed door.

The filming of this comedy led by the Franck Dubosc / Valérie Lemercier / Gérard Darmon trio took place over six weeks and aboard a real cruise liner. Between the team of the latter, that of the film and the passengers, nearly 4,000 people had to live in the boat.


A great classic of French comedy, Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot, directed and performed by Jacques Tati, has not aged a bit almost 70 years after its theatrical release. The absurd and poetic adventures of this lunar character in a calm seaside resort on the Atlantic coast are indeed always so delicious to follow. The charm still operates, do not miss the opportunity to (re) discover this film with your family!

Note that the shooting of the exteriors took place entirely in various locations in the small seaside resort of Saint-Marc-sur-Mer, a town dependent on Saint-Nazaire in Loire-Atlantique. The inhabitants of the village were also invited by Tati himself took part in the filming of the film.

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