Prime Video: 3 films and series with Chris Pratt to see on the platform after The Tomorrow War

Back on our screens in The Tomorrow War, the American actor Chris Pratt has been working on projects at high speed in recent years. Zoom on three programs with the star of the blockbusters to be found on the Prime Video platform.


Currently starring in the futuristic action film The Tomorrow War starring Yvonne Strahovski and JK Simmons on Prime Video, American actor Chris Pratt has made a name for himself with viewers in large part thanks to his role in the all-time favorite American sitcom Parks and Recreation.

In the form of a mockumentary, it follows the delirious daily life of municipal employees of the parks and recreation department of the fictional small town of Pawnee. Originally temporarily engaged in the series, the one who plays the endearing and not very smart Andy Dwyer quickly charmed the public and the producers, until becoming a recurring character in the second season. And one of the fan favorites!

In this now cult sitcom, Chris Pratt gives the answer to Amy Poehler, Aubrey Plaza, Rashida Jones or Aziz Ansari among others. Find it in the seven seasons of Parks and Rec, available in full on the Prime Video platform.


In 2016, Chris Pratt slips into the skin of one of the famous seven mercenaries in front of the camera of Antoine Fuqua (Equalizer). Surrounded by Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke and Vincent D’Onofrio, he plays the die-hard bettor Josh Faraday in this remake of John Sturges’ 60s western.

Seven outlaws, bounty hunters, gamblers and contract killers are hired by the residents of the small town of Rose Creek to end the reign of unscrupulous industrialist Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard).

On the program for the preparation of the film’s actors: train to ride a horse, learn to shoot with real weapons, get used to walking with boots and know how to spin his revolver like a cowboy worthy of the name. Discover the result on screen in The 7 Mercenaries to (re) see on Prime Video.


Goodbye the American West and hello space! In the science fiction film Passengers, a mixture of romance and action, Chris Pratt this time plays one of the passengers of a spaceship with Jennifer Lawrence.

In flight to a new planet alongside thousands of other humans immersed in artificial sleep, Jim and Aurora wake up 90 years too early. While they must come to terms with their sad fate, the duo will also face repeated ship failures which may well be just the beginning …

This space camera signed by Norwegian director Morten Tyldum, to whom we owe Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch, offers you incredible visual sequences to discover now on the Prime Video platform.

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