“I miss you” a film by Rodrigo Bellott

DVD output: I miss you by Rodrigo Bellott

In this new feature film, Rodrigo Bellott adapts his own play which was relatively successful when it was presented in Bolivia in 2015, freeing the voice of many young people who suffered from not being able to live their homosexuality openly and socially. The story is also based on a true story and the film is a faithful adaptation of the artistic ambition of the original play. The filmmaker thus presents different levels of narrative between the story of mourning and the meeting between a man and his stepfather, the rehearsals of the play and the meeting between a journalist and the director. The film fully assumes these different levels of reading for a complex story that cannot be reduced to a single reading. In the same way, the role of the young man who committed suicide is interpreted by nearly 30 distinct actors recalling the importance of preserving a multitude of assumptions as for the possible interpretation of a personality too soon disappeared.

The screenplay is thus expertly developed and notably offers the interpretation of two renowned international actors: the Argentinian Oscar Martínez and the Spanish Rossy De Palma. Between New York, Bolivia, Argentina and Spain, the theme of the film is broadly universal and Rodrigo Bellott has been able to give himself the means through his choices of direction.

I miss you
by Rodrigo Bellott
With: Reyes Antelo (Rene / Gabriel 5), Fernando Barbosa (Sebastian), Erwin Berzain (Edu / Gabriel 4), Pamela Bruno Cronenbold (Nataly), Hugh Cha (Jonathan), Dominic Colón (Alonso), Rick Cosnett (Chase) , Ricardo Costa (Franco), Rossy de Palma (Rosaura), Quim del Rio (Gabriel 2), Jorge Fabian Duabyakosky (Fabian / Gabriel 10), Jose Duran (Gabriel 1), Dale Dymkoski (Jesse), Max Emerson (Kolby) , Kevin Ferrante (Kevin / Gabriel 12), Luis Gamarra (the real Gabriel), Patricia García (Bina), Heleringer (TJ), Modesto Lacen (Père Jaime), Manuel Landivar (Christian / Gabriel 6), Benjamin Lukovski (Gabriel 3 ), Oscar Martínez (Jorge), Dimitri Meskouris (manager Spiro), Nakai Mirtenbaum (Santos / Gabriel 8), Benazir Añez (Yashira), Enrique Quintero (Jailson), Ismael Ric (Daniel / Gabriel 16), Carlos Rocabado (Rodrigo Bobledo), Glenda Rodríguez (Brenda), Andrès Salvatierra (the muscular man), Robb Sherman (Taray), Orlando Subirana Vaca (Ricardo / Gabriel 14), Babak Tafti (Adnan), Rodrigo Urdidinea ( Julio / Gabriel 13), Carlos Valverde (Gabriel’s real father), Jose Roberto Velasco (Carlos Alberto / Gabriel 11), Andrea Waiss (Neilson / Gabriel 7), Ericka Suárez Weise (the costume manager), Ricardo Dos Reis Costa (Franco / Gabriel 9), Jonhatan Corea (Pipo / Gabriel 15), Luhan Ortiz (Gabriel 17), Santiago Wilkins (Gabriel 18), Erick Robles (Gabriel 19), Ludwing Gil (Gabriel 20), Jaime Luzio Bowles (Gabriel 21) ), Esteban Gómez (Gabriel 22), Manuel Bellido (Gabriel 23), Miguel Justiniano (Gabriel 24), Felipe Ribera (Gabriel 25), Ernesto Vadillo (Gabriel 26), Leonardo Velarde (Gabriel 27), Rodrigo Ortuno (Gabriel 28) , Diego Candia (Gabriel 29), Roberto Moreno (Gabriel 30), Dayan Huanca, Eimar Machado, Francisco Javier Antelo, Junior Tovar, Ana Asensio, Jonathan Correas
Bolivia, USA, 2019.
Duration: 106 min
Theatrical release (France): unpublished
DVD release in France: June 15, 2021
Format: 1.85 – Color
Languages: English, Spanish – Subtitles: French.
Publisher: Optimal

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