Black Widow: the weird version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from the movie

After several delays, the Black Widow movie finally hit its premiere this July 10 and among the various nods and curiosities of its universe (and pop culture in general) those that Marvel a.k.a Disney got us used to it, many of us were surprised by the weird but powerful version of the Nirvana classic: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in the opening credits.

Spoilers below:

The film begins with a flashback to a young Natasha Romanov who lives with her family in the United States. We soon discover that this is just a facade, since his parents are Red Guardian and Melina Vostkoff, secret agents of the Soviet Union. She joined a Super Soldier in an attempt to replicate the serum that created Captain America and her, a high-ranking black widow in the Red Room.

After being discovered by SHIELD and escaping to Cuba, Red Guardian and Melina abandon little Natasha and her adopted sister Yelena, along with hundreds of other girls trafficked into containers for insertion into the Black Widow program of Dreykov. The man behind it all.

With this grim introduction comes the presentation of the title and with it we see how Dreykov gained influence and now controls many of the most important events on the planet from the shadows. From photos with presidents, generals and various politicians to key decisions in wars and revolutions.

The cover of Nirvana heard on Black Widow

Over the images, we listen to a cover of “Smeels Like Teen Spirit” in the background. This is a cover of Malia J and the Think Up Anger collective. It’s a slower, steeper, and sadder version of the rock classic. Piano, strings, synths and more atmosphere to highlight the lyrics over the music. Perhaps with this version many of us are paying real attention to the sentences on this topic for the first time. Now they feel even rawer.

Why does it work so well? Mystery, conspiracies, power games, lies, a sense of loss. What better than a nostalgic global American classic from the 1990s to describe the plight of the protagonists and the early discovery that their happy life is just a lie. The cynicism and apathy with which they begin to view life is the legacy of Generation X, disgruntled and disconnected from their context, of which Kurt Cobain is the perfect representative.

Who is Malia J?

Malia J is an emerging Hawaiian-born singer-songwriter. His music is distinguished among other things by this dark and mysterious touch that he inserts with his voice. Several of his covers have marked various TV shows and trailers such as The Hunt for a Serial Killer, The White Helmets, Lights Out ;, Riverdale and Gotham.

This year, she released “Reflection”, an EP of four original songs with which she made her debut as a singer-songwriter. His songs follow that atmosphere of disappointment and nostalgia so present in his cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with which he opens the film. You can read more about Malia J by clicking here.

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