AT THE MOVIE THEATER. “Hitman and Bodyguard 2”, an explosive Salma Hayek in an adrenaline-filled film

Ryan Reynolds, Salma Hayek and Samuel L. Jackson.
Ryan Reynolds, Salma Hayek and Samuel L. Jackson. (© DR)

Let us leave to Caesar what belongs to him. Americans are unsurpassed in the genre buddy movie, a genre of which France has nevertheless produced some masterpieces with “La Chèvre”, by Francis Veber in 1981 with the tandem Pierre Richard and Gérard Depardieu. This is therefore the case with this film which is not really a sequel to the first released in 2017 under the same signature, but which has, in addition to the distribution, many affinities with its elder.

A mad billionaire with rage

Where it is about a Greek billionaire, Aristotle (Antonio Banderas), gone mad at the idea of ​​the miseries that the European Union wants to inflict on his country! But where is the economy going to hide? He therefore plans to launch a cyber-attack that will set the whole world on fire if the technocrats in Brussels do not back down. It is on these menus that we find Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds inimitable self-deprecation and humor). Michael needs to rest. His therapist sends him to Italy.

Explosive salma hayek

Bad pick because it is exactly the strategic place of open meetings between one of his old acquaintances, the sculptural Sonia (Salma Hayek in explosive mode) and a gang of mafiosi who kidnapped his beloved Darius (Samuel L. Jackson). Sonia will use her charms, and she has them, to convince Michael to help her in this adventure.

Hellish pursuit

Against his will, the latter does so. It is the beginning of an infernal pursuit across all of Europe, with many gunshots, fights, explosions, stunts, suspense and above all humor, among other delicacies of the genre. A real cocktail filled with adrenaline and testosterone.

To tell the truth, no matter what a smoky scenario, the important thing in this kind of film is what you are looking for. And for once you will not be disappointed as the latest opus from this director ticks all the boxes.

Quirky universe

The action, whose rhythm at times turns to cartoonish, features extraordinary characters and immerses us in a slightly transgressive universe, offbeat, in total self-mockery, quite enjoyable it must be admitted. Really nothing to be bored for a second!

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Robert Penavayre

“Hitman and Bodyguard 2”.
Director: Patrick Hugues (II).
With: Ryan Reynolds, Salma Hayek, Samuel L Jackson…
Genre: action.
Duration: 1h57

Salma Hayek: not even cold in the eyes

Young Salma began her career in her native Mexico. But very quickly she leaves for Hollywood. Bingo! First film in 1993. She is 27 years old!
Alas, the competition is tough in the City of Angels and his knife accent does not help much.
His meeting with the filmmaker Roberto Rodriguez is a major turning point in his profession. Femme fatale and a little volcanic, France will however really get to know her with the magnificent biopic “Frida” in which she sumptuously embodies the famous painter in 2002.
Seven years later, she married billionaire François-Henri Pinault. Today she is one of the undisputed stars in the world of the 7th art.


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