“Virginie Efira is great but the film itself is quite grotesque”

Live from the Croisette, Cathy Immelen, delivered her report and her favorites cine after a busy week at the Cannes Film Festival: she is disappointed with Benedetta but completely seduced by the Belgian film A world.

The 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival is currently taking place with its parterre of stars. If French films have a good chance of being awarded this year, other films also pleased our 7th art expert. 8/9, which delivered its first impressions a week ago, after the opening of the famous Festival.

Titanium, the first shocking film of the 74th edition

Certain projections also did not fail to surprise the public. It is even a habit at the Cannes Film Festival according to Cathy Immelen, where we see “films as incongruous as a Japanese feature film that lasts three hours or a Russian film of 2h30 that we do not understand anything”.

This year it’s the French film Titanium, in which plays Vincent lindon, which stands out in this astonishing ‘category’. It begins with a scene of a woman having sex with … a car and who becomes pregnant as a result of this relationship. The film tells how this pregnancy unfolds straight out of a science fiction film. “It’s a pretty gory movie, so Quentin Tarantino, with blood spurting all over the place. Really bloody scenes and at the same time very funny. It was the first shock for festival-goers who woke us up a bit from all the other rather sad films, social and depressing it must be said “ informs the cinema columnist.

Benedetta, a “missed” film

Impossible to talk about this 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival without addressing the big sensation of the moment, Benedetta, with Virginie efira in the lead role, directed by the sulphurous Paul Verhoeven, known in particular for his erotic thriller Basic Instinct.

This film does not escape the usual turmoil of feature films by the Dutch director since it evokes without much modesty, the real story of a lesbian nun in the 17th century.

But it is not this aspect that displeased Cathy Immelen“Personally, since the time that we see naked breasts, and love scenes between women in the cinema, I was not at all shocked but what must be said is that the film is missed. It hurts me a bit to tell you “ she blurted out.

Virginie efira is great but the movie itself is quite grotesque: there is a lot of humor in the second degree. We are therefore rather close to the nanar than to the film awarded at the Cannes Film Festival.

Several favorites including a Belgian film

The favorite film of this 74th edition for the RTBF cinema columnist and “for festival-goers”… Is Belgian!

This is the feature film A world sign Laura Wandel, presented in the category ‘Un certain regard’ which highlights young talents in the field. The young director takes us to a playground to discuss the bullying experienced by children at 8 years old and how they absorb it.

What particularly touches is the emotion aroused by the position of the camera. “It was filmed at a child’s height: the camera is placed very low, and you can’t see the faces of the adults, you can hardly hear them. You have the impression of being with them at the swimming pool, in the playground and feel all the cruelties of the playground “ Explain Cathy Immelen, which is extremely laudatory:

It’s great, it’s my favorite film of anything I’ve seen at the Cannes Film Festival and I’m not saying that out of chauvinism.

There are also other films that have upset our expert during this 74th edition, even if she has not yet seen all those in competition, including that of Joachim Lafosse: the Iranian film. A hero, which should be awarded she foresees, just like that of Francois Ozon which deals with euthanasia, with André Dussollier and Sophie Marceau, “a magnificent film where Sophie Marceau finally proves to us that she knows how to play beautiful roles when they are well written”.

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