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July 14, 2021

First short film experience

Sorelois Antoine Pelletier sees his film selected for a festival in Montreal

By: Katy Desrosiers

Sorelois Antoine Pelletier will see his first “A” film presented during the second season of the Image + Nation festival courts queer short film fest. From July 15 to 18, his short film will be available online as part of this festival, the first in Canada to feature queer shorts.

His film will also be screened from November 18 to 28 as part of the 34e edition of the Image + Nation Film Festival LGBTQueer Montreal.

“This is my first film and I found this festival which is in Montreal, which is an LGBTQ + festival. It was exactly the festival where I wanted to present it. It is the first festival of its kind in Canada and it has been in existence for 35 years, ”he notes.

The artist is also awaiting a response to present it in another festival.

From theater to cinema

In recent years, Antoine Pelletier has created with two colleagues the theater company Productions Erapop. While the performances of his play “Mourir Tendre”, produced by his company, had been postponed due to the pandemic, he came across the Connexion Création initiative of the Canada Council for the Arts and Radio-Canada, which allowed artists to stay active by making digital content. He was successful and received a scholarship.

He therefore chose to adapt his play which is called “A” in short film. In it, he deals with romantic relationships in the LGBTQ community, unpretentious from his perspective. To create it, he was inspired by a character from a 90s play by Brad Fraser, as well as messages from dating apps and love letters he wrote himself plus young.

“In a way, there was already something of hybridization in the room. When we were doing the performance, there were videos. I think the play could also go through the medium of cinema to exist, in a different way. That’s what prompted me to adapt it cinematically, ”he explains.

In the three-minute short film, we follow the main character, played by Antoine himself, in his routine. We can observe it in its living space, a place under construction with a bed on the ground and plastic sheeting.

“We see certain fragments of this young man there who is looking for love through the screen. I wanted to show that the web and screens change our human relationships, it makes them cold and dead in a certain way, ”explains the actor.

Antoine Pelletier surrounded himself with a team working in cinema and around three days of filming were necessary. An iPhone, a 16mm camera and a webcam were used to capture the images in order to have different types of visuals. The film has a multitude of shots and different lighting, which gives it a certain dynamism.

The artist admits that this project has an important meaning for him, since it involves a form of self-fiction and that for the first time, his belonging to the LGBTQ + community is included in the project.

“It’s one of the projects that I respect the most because I believe I have been very authentic from the start. I worked a lot on writing the play and the film in a bubble and I’m happy that she can open up and go and meet people, ”he says.

New knowledge

This opportunity led him to discover a world he knew little about. “I learned a lot from that first cinematography experience where I played, wrote and directed the film at the same time,” he admits. It really allowed me to familiarize myself with all the aspects of creating a short film. It really pushed my artistic practice further. “

Even though he loved his experience, he doesn’t know if he will make any other films.

“In the same way that this film was born out of a form of necessity to continue to create and in a somewhat impromptu way, I am still open to other surprises like that. […] I am really someone who values ​​interdisciplinarity. I write other pieces, but I don’t know if I would adapt them, ”he concludes.

Various projects for Antoine Pelletier

Sorelois Antoine Pelletier, who has just finished his first short film, also works in the theater world and on his musical project “Antoine”.

At the theater level, he has just completed a 10-day creative residency with his colleagues from Productions Erapop and the company Temps Forts, concerning a production that would combine music and theater with the play “The Soldier’s Story” by Igor Stravinsky. and Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz. The piece is staged for three actors and seven musicians, but the overall project involves around twenty people.

Three excerpts from the play were worked on and finally presented to broadcasters, in the hope that it will subsequently be performed on stage in 2022 or 2023.

With the play “Mourir Tendre”, Productions Erapop wants to go on tour in Montreal or in the region, and also go through Quebec.

As for his solo musical project, Antoine Pelletier obtained a scholarship from the Young Volunteers program from the Government of Quebec almost two years ago to work on an album. With this grant, he was able to receive help from professionals in the field to improve his creations.

Recently, he uploaded improved versions of his songs to his SoundCloud page. This fall, he would like to go to the studio to work on the more acoustic side.

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