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Anaïs is thirty years old and not enough money. She has a lover she is no longer sure to love. She meets Daniel, who immediately pleases her. But Daniel lives with Émilie… who also appeals to Anaïs. It is the story of a young woman who is agitated. And it is also the story of a great desire.

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After their first collaboration for the short film Pauline enslaved, Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet and Anaïs Demoustier meet for a feature film, the director’s debut, which has the honors of a Cannes presentation at Critics’ Week, in a special screening of the 60th anniversary of the selection.

This romantic and existential comedy could be the solar inclination of the magnificent Julie (in 12 chapters) by Joachim Trier, which would take place between Paris and Brittany instead of the Norwegian capital. Bourgeois-Taquet’s film also follows a young woman in her thirties who is struggling to “settle down”, both in her personal life – she talks about her difficulties with living together and does not hide from her companion the moment her unwillingness to be a mother – only professional, not yet knowing what vocation to devote herself to. She is slow to conclude her thesis in letters, finds herself with two months of late rent, and responds to the advances of a man much older than her to finally get bored rather quickly and set her sights on … his wife, camped by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi – who delivers a new beautiful performance after the rather brilliant one in The divide by Catherine Corsini, in official competition.

The loves of Anaïs

Appointed The loves of Anaïs, the feature film does not recount so much the sentimental wanderings of the indomitable Parisian as her need to munch on life to the fullest, even if it means, sometimes, to drown others under her speed of speech or to move away from what could potentially bring him grief. Of course, her connections with the man (Podalydès) then the woman (Bruni Tedeschi) reveal a desire to take her love destiny in hand, but she will quickly tire of the first to woo the second, before breaking her teeth in the face to the reality of a destiny for two which does not seem to be able to take shape in concrete terms.

Yes The loves of Anaïs particularly takes advantage of the energy of its main actress, the luminous and – here – talkative Anaïs Demoustier, this first film unfortunately does not succeed in completely convincing, alternating the good (the whole phase of seduction between her and Emilie) and the less good . There remains a first refreshing essay, carried by a light score, the beautiful alchemy between its two main actresses and a few laughs provoked by the endearing clumsiness of Denis Podalydès.

September 15, 2021 – By Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet, with Anaïs Demoustier, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Denis Podalydès

Special Screening – Critics’ Week

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